Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Did you know they sell Burberry makeup on Boots.ie?

Me neither!  And I have my amazing friend Mags to thank for that.  She is one of my ultimate enablers and many an evening is spent DMing each other on Twitter about things we've bought, things we want, things we know we don't need but are going to buy anyway.  She loves makeup like I do and we are a terrible influence on each other.

Exhibit A.

When Mags tells you that Burberry makeup is available on Boots.ie and that some of the lipsticks are a very reasonable €15 (we wonder if they've priced them wrong, but say nothin' to nobody), you do what has to be done.  You buy three.  And an eyeshadow thrown in for good measure.  You spend a good hour or so researching swatches, adding the shades you think you like into your basket.  Then you realise that when it's time to review what's in your basket, Boots need to sort themselves out because they don't show you what shades you've picked.  When you click on each product, you're brought to the page that has all of the lipsticks you've spent ages researching.  Boots said they're going to look into this and I can see lots more purchasing being done online if they do.

So back to the lipsticks.  I did what I always do and ended up picking a nude shade and a coral shade before deciding I needed a peach one too.  I also got an eyeshadow in the shade Mulberry.  I was trying to decide whether to get Pale Barley, the shade that everyone loves, but then after watching Karima from Shameless Fripperies use it in a video where she was a bit whelmed with it, I picked this darker number and it's alright.  It was €30 and I wouldn't go out and get another one.  It's silky smooth, basically blends itself and is so finely milled, you know you're using an expensive product.  The colour in the pan just doesn't translate to the skin and in the photos below, I used it on the outer corners of the eye, under the lower lashes and smudged it over some black liner on the upper lash line.  I just wished it gave a warmer, more burgundy finish on my eyes, rather than being cooler toned.

So let's talk about the lipsticks shall we?  The stars of the show.  The beauty lovers out there will thoroughly enjoy how they close magnetically and I defy you not to open and close them a good three or four times each time you whip it out!  As I mentioned above, I chose three, but totally wanted more.  I always need to try a nude shade when testing out a new brand.  And Nude Rose was the one I went for.  Mags got a different nudey one and last week as we sat in the foyer of a hotel swatching each other's makeup on the backs of our hands (we like to bring our purchases with us and do show and tell) I fell in love with her shade too, but she'll tell you about that herself.

Nude Rose.

I do love a brown toned nude lip and this one is almost caramel when applied to the lips.  It's totally wearable for everyday use if you're like me and don't like to wear anything too bright in work and like the other two shades, feels so moisturising and is tres comfortable to wear.

Devon Sunset.

Oh Devon Sunset you are a grand bright peachy shade that screams spring and summer!  I love that this is nice and pale, but doesn't sit in my lip lines the way some milky peach lip products sometimes can.  It lifts my complexion beautifully and again, this is a great everyday shade to wear.

Golden Peach.

Golden Peach is more of a bright orangey coral shade that is me all over!  When researching swatches, I worried that this and Devon Sunset might be a bit too similar, but I went and bought 'em anyway.  When you can't swatch things yourself, you have to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best, and this time it all panned out beautifully.  Golden Peach will be gorgeous with a bronze eye and when I have a bit more colour on my face, it'll be even more lovely

A point to note is that these lippies have an odd old fashioned smell, you'll understand what I mean when you give one a whiff, but after a few seconds it's gone.  It reminds me of something my mam had back in the day, so there's a weird bit of nostalgia there too!  The formula on them is fantastic though and while they feel lightweight on the lips, they still give a great hit of moisture with a semi sheer finish that's nice and buildable.

Top: Nude Rose - Middle: Devon Sunset - Bottom: Golden Peach
You can buy the Lip Covers here for €15 and if you're looking to dip your toe into the world of Burberry makeup, then these are a brilliant place to start.  The Lip Mists are also €15 (Mags bought one and it's fab) and the Lip Velvets are €30.  So definitely start with the cheaper products and let the obsession begin!

Mags and I are currently on Day 3 of a spending ban and as of yet I have not bought any makeup.  The terms and conditions of our spending ban fully state that spending vouchers and Boots points is allowed.  I have €32 in Boots points and am deciding whether to get two more of these because I really love them, or one of the new Chanel lippies.  First world problems eh!

So tell me this, will you be checking out the Burberry makeup on the Boots site?  What shade do you think I need to get next?


  1. I have yet to properly play with lip mist I am trying not to obsess cause we don't need to shop

  2. I didn't know this! Will have to have a nose now! That eye shadow is absolutely beautiful! xx

  3. Never knew Burberry did make-up.. They keep that quiet! Lippies look great X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  4. Boots online regularly prices things wrong. I've noticed it a few times so I expect the lipsticks to are probably going to shoot up in price soon once they notice. But heck, €15 for a Burberry lippy. I'm going to buy some now!

    Emma & The Beauty Blog

  5. I have seen these around and I've heard good things about the blushes. I had no interest in getting them, but then you tell me they're 15 euro..... and further enable by reminding me about my boots points....

  6. They are gorgeous! All three are shades I would buy. I was supposed to be on a spending ban for Lent. Baby Jesus is WAILING right now. Pity the shadow wasn't warmer but it's still lovely on you!

  7. I couldn't wait for this post! Where have I been? I really wanted to buy the e/s in Pale Barley but now I'm a bit meh... So off to buy Devon Sunset lipstick instead! I've never ordered from Boots, was it fine?

  8. Collected my two in store today, thanks Karen ;-) I got Devon Sunset and the Mist in Field Rose - it's lovely in a barely there way. I was delighted. Points, etc. applied just fine - the only annoying thing was that you couldn't use double points coupons online, but they sorted that out for me in store. Very satisfied!


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