Monday, March 9, 2015

Disappointing products #2

Today we're talking about disappointing products.  Not necessarily rubbish products, but rather products that didn't work for me.  I love watching monthly favourites videos and likewise, I love watching videos where things haven't gone so well with a product because I like to be informed by those I trust!  I really do trust my fellow bloggers and vloggers when it comes to telling it like it is but sometimes products just don't perform the way I want them to and so since last year's Disappointing Products video had a great response, I thought it was time for another one!

As I explain in the video, these are things that just haven't worked for me.  I know they've worked for others and you'll see what I'm talking about once you watch it!

So tell me, what products have you been disappointed in recently?  And as I was editing the video, I realised I forgot something, so that'll go in my next one!

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  1. Ah no head wrecked with the Nars CC.. I got it and loved it, repurchased it but it just started to look muck on me. Same issue, was putting 10 years on me but I then started using a new eye cream and I totally fell back in love with the Nars CC! Now realise it was my old eye cream, total crap, my eyes were so bloody dehydrated! Love these types of vids by the way! :)


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