Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February favourites!

I really do feel that February flew by so quickly this year.  Maybe it's because January seemed never ending, or maybe it's because life got really busy, but either way, it's March already and we're nearly at St Patrick's Day already!  I've gathered the things that made me happy over the month of February and sat down to chat about them all.  Someday I'll get these videos under the 10 minute mark, but I feel like I talk so fast as it is and have so much to talk to you about!

Anyway, take a load off and see what I loved in February!



  1. I would like to see all the videos about that Smashbox palette because it is currently winging its way to my local Boots for meeeee because I logged on to buy a €10 mask and I couldn't let that travel down from Dublin on its own, so yep. Videos! The CT liquid thing sounds like the expensive version of Revlon Skinlights! Karen can I ask please what brush do you use for the CT contour in the Bronze & Glow palette? I've been using a big Blank Canvas one but I've noticed it can look a bit mucky sometimes, think it may be the brush I'm using.

  2. Really want the Smashbox palette! x

    Jadie |


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