Thursday, March 19, 2015

L'Occitane Precious BB Cream review, before & after photos, swatches

L'Occitane have brought out a new BB Cream and I think it's true love.  And from that first line, you can pretty much tell how this review is going to go.  As an extension to the Precious Immortelle skincare range, they've brought out three shades of their BB cream to help protect the skin from UV damage while smoothing and evening out the skin tone, all while giving a healthy, radiant complexion!  It's got micro encapsulated organic immortelle essential oil so we're talking a hit of nourishment from the get go.

As mentioned above, there are three shades in the range.  01, Fair which is very neutral and while the swatch looks a bit dark below, once applied to the skin it's nice and pale.  A bit too pale for me.  I'm shade 02, Light which is nice and yellow toned which helps counteract the redness in my skin.  Finally we have shade 03, Medium which is for darker skinned bridies out there.

The cream itself is nice and thick, but once I start to blend it into the skin, it melts and virtually disappears, making it look like it's my actual skin that looks amazing!  I've been trying to think of different ways of describing it, but the one thing I keep coming back to is that it makes it look like I'm not wearing any makeup and that it's my own skin that's on show.  And can we have a little moment of silence for the pure radiance it gives my skin?  Take a look at my cheek there because I'm not wearing anything else on my skin other than the BB Cream.  Instant glowy skin but without the wetness that some dewy bases can leave.

This gives a light to medium coverage but is buildable and I've been adding a very light second layer to my nose as that's in a constant state of redness!  This is the first BB cream I've tried in ages that actually feels like skincare, not just makeup and while I still use the Immortelle Precious Serum and Precious Protection SPF20 every morning, I feel like the BB Cream gives my skin some extra nourishment and hydration while evening out my complexion and making me look nice and healthy!

In the interest of science and testing out for the blog, I've applied the BB Cream all over my face and then powdered one half before heading to work to see how things lasted and I was surprised to see that while my powder mattified my skin, the unpowdered side still lasted until about 2pm (from 6am) before I noticed any obvious signs of fading away.  I can't say enough good things about this and while it's already featured in my latest video (How to not look like shite when you feel sick) I can already tell you it'll be in my monthly favourites video.

It'll set you back €35 but if you're looking for something with a light to medium coverage, that feels like it's doing something for your skin while actually doing something for your skin, then head to the L'Occitane website now or your local shop.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to admire my healthy looking skin now!


  1. Aagh I was with you all the way until I got to the €35 for a BB cream - nope! But it does look lovely on you and I'm glad there's a paler shade, but it won't be coming to live with me :(

  2. Looks lovely and sounds ideal for summer time, but I am not enough of a BB Cream fan to justify €35.

  3. Very cute on you, as you know I'm a BB Cream obsessive!

  4. I love this BB cream! I have been wearing it every day. My skin isn't great but this covers so nicely without being cakey or dry! Big thumbs up!

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  5. Oh wow, I think I'm in love! And that pale shade...the stuff this ghostly girl's dreams are made of!

  6. I love that you went to work with half a powdered face!!!! They look really lovely X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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