Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick Coral Sheen

Dear Maybelline, could you please bring the Master Glaze Blush Sticks to Ireland please?  I would be forever grateful and would buy every shade.  All the best, Karen.

There's a Duane Reade around the corner from the hotel we stay at in New York and I visited there nearly every day.  What am I talking about, I was in there every single day, pretending I was bringing water back to the rest of the family when in fact I was scouting out makeup!  Best holiday ever!  The drug stores over there don't seem to have many testers if any, so a lot of my budget beauty purchasing was blind.  I had to like the look of the packaging and hope for the best.  If something had cute packaging and was coral, it was in.  So this blush stick in Coral Sheen ticked all of my blind purchasing boxes and came home with me.  And now I wish I'd bought more.  If I'd any cop on, I'd have swatched it back at the hotel, but noooooo, the anal beauty blogger in me wanted to take nice photos in daylight before defacing it.  But it means the next time I head to New York, I'll know what to do.

Coral Sheen is a creamy blush stick that gives life to my cheeks.  A little goes a long way so it's good to apply a little, blend it out and apply more if you need to.  During spring and summer especially, I love a cream blush because the finish looks and feels like natural skin, so the whole no makeup makeup thing is a go.  And you don't need a brush to blend it out if you don't want to, a finger or sponge will do the job perfectly.  And it's for that reason that blush sticks like this one is always in my makeup bag, ready to give a bit of oomph to my complexion if I'm looking a bit blah.

This looks mad scary on the cheeks when you first apply it, but blended out you can see that I'm left with a healthy, natural flush of colour on the cheeks.

And up close and personal, it just looks like my skin, not makeup!  This pleases me greatly because I'm all about faking a flush of colour on the cheeks and looking healthy and fresh faced.  NYC do similar blush sticks if you've got a hankering to try one out and they're cheap as chips.  For now, I shall make my way through Coral Sheen over the next few months and if you see me looking healthy in the visage area, it'll be this.  

Maybelline, I meant what I said.  Bring these here.  Kthxbye.


  1. This is such a gorgeous shade, and looks amazing!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. Oh WOW! These look awesome... As is your skin! Siobhan xx

  3. This looks fab! Why don't they have it here :(

  4. Super cute! I'm still a newbie to cream blushes..all that product in one go before blending still scares the bejaysus outta me.. but I'm working on it! This looks great though x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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