Friday, April 10, 2015

Leeeeedle white lies beauty addicts sometimes tell!

Last night on the Twitters, I was having the chats with some of my fellow bloggers and we got around to some of the little white lies we tell the people we love to prevent them from thinking we're absolute lunatics.  I'm not entirely sure if we're succeeding in that, but sure we can try and hide it for as long as possible.

I once told my family the cost of two MAC brushes (airport too, so it was even cheaper than it should've been) and they literally stopped in their tracks.  Big mistake.  They were how much for two?!  Then my survival instinct kicked in and I told them that they were made by blind nuns.  They didn't believe me but the laughter made them forget how much I'd paid for them.  Phew, that was a close one.

When I've had a particularly rampant spending spree in Boots and Joanne sees it and asks if it was sent to me, sometimes I say yeah.  The shame of being sent so much stuff and yet buying even more just gets to me!  But this is the thing, I'm a full blown beauty addict and will continue to buy all the things all the time.

What little white lies have you told to hide your beauty obsession from loved ones?  It's ok, we won't judge you here because chances are we've already told the same ones and listen, by telling us here, you might be helping out a fellow makeup addict in the future because I for one will be taking notes!


  1. The classic is ... My Mam bought it for me... Hahahahaha love this
    Siobhan xx

  2. Great post! I get things delivered at work so that my husband doesn't know. Not exactly lying but still sneaky!

  3. Hahaha.....last week I donated a ginormous bag of, pretty much, unused make up to next door's kids.....Mr Long-Suffering asked how come I had so much and I told him it all came free with other purchases......that's not even a white lie....its a big fat hairy proper one hehehehehehe X

  4. I got it with my Boots points - ha ha as if I have any points left :-)

  5. i constantly tell people a PR sent it!!!1 i hide bags coming into the house

  6. Oh mine is definitely telling my OH that my bought purchases from online shopping are 'pr samples' - so bad, but necessary haha! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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