Thursday, April 16, 2015

Penneys Summer 2015 is comin' atcha!

We're heading away on holidays next month for a week and so the Penneys summer 2015 launch couldn't have come at a better time!  The panic is over for me because I need new things for sunny Spain but also don't want to spend a fortune.  (Side note, Alicante has a Kiko and a Sephora, so girlfriend wants to keep her money for that too).

This summer, there's a definite Woodstock vibe from the collection with a mixture of prints and textures and lots of light, floaty fabrics that'll keep you nice and cool when the weather heats up.  There was lots of lace and crochet on show, whether it be the star of the show or as an embellishment to a piece and I'm not going to lie, it kind of made me want to be at Coachella....

Let's take a look at some of my favourite pieces shall we?

Kimonos are still on trend this season and I'll be picking up a couple to throw on over jeans and a tank top because sometimes I like to keep my arms covered and sometimes (it's Ireland we're talking about), it's a bit chilly.   Aztec inspiration is still big this season whether it be in the clothes or the accessories.

 I love white and blue in the summer and it instantly transports me to sunnier climates.  Anything that's floaty and lightweight is always welcome in Spain but that white and blue gauze top below wouldn't go amiss here in Ireland.

For those who like the monochrome look, there's plenty to choose from!

I'm telling you, Penneys are on point when it comes to accessories and many the time Joanne and I have come out of the shop with jewellery, shoes, bags and that's just to start with.  See that fringed bag below?  Yeah, that's going to be mine.  A love a tan bag in the summer and I can already see myself sitting there plaiting the fringing!  Printed shoes are always a winner for me and see those bright orange and green ones below?  Love them!

Now you might be disappointed to know that Penneys won't be selling pineapple hats this season, but sure feel free to make your own and swan around the place smelling like a tropical drink.  Along with the oversized sunnies which is a staple for me for most of the year, they'd a load of aviator style sunglasses with the mirrored lenses which I need.  

If you want to add a few summery accessories to your home, then where better to start with some cute cushions.  Affordable and an easy way to add a little somethin' somethin' to your couch or bed without going overboard.

Last year I bought a load of plimsoles and sandals from Penneys and this year will be no different.  Get a load of the sparkly embellishments on those sandals below and even better is they're flat!

The summer collection will be hitting shops in the coming weeks but you know the score by now with Penneys - go in often because they get new stock all the time and you'll be raging if you miss out on something you love!

Stay tuned for an upcoming Penneys haul video (we haven't even gone shopping but I know we'll be stocking up for our holiday!)


  1. some fab bits there Karen! This is making me even more excited for espana!! :)

  2. The sooner those kimonos hit the shop the better. Went in yesterday looking for some and they only have the beachy ones.

  3. omg so gorgeous! I've never seen an eye shadow like it!

  4. See when they bring out lace - I'm there! They had me at the lace dress!
    Ps looking forward to the vid!

  5. Dying to get that black lace kimono and the white and blue floats top!
    Emma xo |

  6. Well that one's easy, your brows shouldn't match, they should be sisters not twins!


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