Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lancome Shine Lover - Amuse-bouche photos, review

Do you know how hard it was to write the title with the proper shade name and not write something rude?  Those of you who are hardcore Sex and the City fans might know what I'm talking about!  I picked up one of the new Lancome Shine Lover lippies in the shade Amuse-Bouche on the way home from Spain last month.  It was love at first swatch in the airport and regular readers will see why.  It's the most perfect coraly orange shade and I couldn't leave it behind!

With ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, rose bush oil to do such things as soften, nourish and soothe the lips (who knew rose bushes had oil?) and a protector gel to help maintain hydration, this is the type of product my lips enjoy during the summer.  The fact that it's me in lipstick form is the icing on the cake.  It has everything I want in a lip product.  Medium pigmentation, glossy finish, feels nice and moisturising on and I can apply sans mirror without the fear I won't make too much of a mess!

Despite it's almost neon brightness in the tube, once applied on the lips, it gives a semi sheer wash of coraly goodness.  It's perfect for slapping on and heading out the door.  You can apply a couple of layers to amp up the pigmentation and I find that as the gloss fades, a light stain remains.

This shade really is amusing my bouche and I want to check out the rest of shades on offer now.

They'll set you back €26 which isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things and if you're a fan of glossy lippies, then they're definitely worth checking out!


  1. Ha I can see why this would amuse your bouche (teehee)! Love a coral lippy x

  2. I want all the shades!!! I have 2 or 3 of them but really, there's so many good ones!

    Alex | pinkelephantbloggin.com

  3. Can't say I'm a fan of the lipstick but o had to comment on the fact that they're amusing your bouche! That almost does sound like a naught reference haha

  4. Tisn't quite amusing my bouche but it's lovely on you! I have to watch SATC again soon, been aggggges x


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