Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little chit chat catch up!

Eh up chucks!  I feel like I haven't had a good aul waffle in ages here on the blog.  Times are a changing and I wanted to kind of sit and have a proverbial chat with you and give you a little update on life.

Bloggy things

Over the past year and a bit, my head has been melted with real life stuff and I'm the type of person that when I'm stressed or worried about something, it gives me mushy brain and basically consumes me.  I was so busy and tired with everything and felt like I was constantly playing catch up, which sucked.  So I feel like the blog hasn't lived up to it's full potential since March of last year.  I cut back on posts because I didn't want to upload something just for the sake of it and still believe that quality over quantity prevails when it comes to my blog.  I'll never be one who posts press releases as content or use stock photos because it ain't my style and sure photography is my favourite part of the whole blogging thing!

Anyway, I was feeling so overwhelmed with the amount I wanted to to on the blog.  My head was buzzing with so many ideas and I couldn't carry them out.  But real life stuff has quietened for a bit and for the first time in 15 months, I feel calm in my brain and am ready to get cracking on everything!  I have a fire in my belly (not from nerves for once!) and I can't wait to step it up as the blog approaches it's fifth birthday at the end of September.  I want to revamp the office (beauty room) to make it somewhere I can keep tidy (easier said than done!) and somewhere I can film and work too.  So we'll see how that pans out!

Social media

Because of work, I can't always access social media during the day.  I work overtime and work through breakfast break and lunch break, so my time online is really limited to the evenings and weekends.  Those are the times where I'm either blogging, out at something, doing real life stuff and trying to catch up on everything.  So I've felt a bit disconnected when it came to Twitter.  It used to be great craic, but last year there was a bit too much passive aggression going on and so I've never really gotten back on track with it.

I've recently started using Snapchat (@lovelygirlybits) and love it so much!   It's what Twitter used to be.  A bit of craic, harmless fun showing people the little bits of real life and I'm loving the interactive factor of it too!  I love putting faces to names now and I've had nothing but positivity with it!


I love filming videos so much.  Yes, I need to look presentable from the waist up (I still wear pyjama bottoms when filming) and editing can take a few hours, but it's so worth it and I get so many more comments on there than on the blog.  I feel that people can see my personality in videos, can see I don't take myself seriously, can see I've no airs or graces about me and that I'm just a gobshite sitting in a room talking to a camera!  While I keep things mainly beauty related on the blog, I love changing things up on the channel and Joanne and I have some really cool ideas for the rest of the year.  I can be more creative when filming and it's a nice extra thing to keep me busy!  

Slimming World

Joanne and I are back on the Slimming World bandwagon and we've been snap chatting, (snapping?) about it for the past few weeks.  I've made it my mission to stick to it until at least the end of the year and so if there's an event or anything on on a Monday evening and it'll make me miss group, then I'm not going to it.  I need to knuckle down, lose weight and get healthy again.  We're going to be filming more videos on Slimming World and I might do the odd blog post too if there's any interest.  But yes, I'm focussed again and am ready to drop weight and buy a whole new wardrobe!

The future

As you know, I'd love to be able to blog as my job.  It's my absolute passion and I can't imagine a time where I'm not excited to tell you about an amazing new product!  I'm so careful and selective when it comes to working with brands and companies and don't want to be a sell out who will blog about anything for a few quid.  This is a beauty blog and so anything sponsored will always have to fit in with the theme and I've turned down so many fashion and accessory things because right now, they're just not what Lovely Girlie Bits is about.  I mean let's be honest, I spend my free time in pyjamas at home, so I'm no style blogger!

I can only blog so much in my free time, so if the day comes where I'm able to do it full time, or even part time, then I can look into blogging more often and might expand things.  But knowing me, it'll be more beauty!

In terms of sponsorship and working with brands, I'm of the belief that if it's something I'd want to tell you about anyway, then I'll consider it.  I've got a couple of really cool things coming up and when you see them, you'll know immediately how perfect a fit they are for Lovely Girlie Bits!  I don't want to put my name to just anything lads, so my mission is to make you proud and keep things on the up and up.

So that's the end of my little waffle!  I'm excited about the future and while this year hasn't been the best at all so far, I'm hoping that the second half will bring bigger and better things!



  1. Such a lovely post! I've always loved you blog and really excited to see all your plans come to life! x

  2. Me and my pudgeface (that's the baby but I am known to have a face of pudge too) love the videos especially since I'm at home on maternity leave we sit back with a bottle of the white stuff and learn all about the makeup! He'll be an expert by the time he can walk. Hubs is only delighted 😂
    All joking aside they keep a girl sane during times of chaos! Love them. Looking forward to all these exciting new ideas 😊

  3. Really enjoy your blog & the YouTube videos... Would love to see more on SW, bought the Woman magazine for the voucher trying to convince myself to join it this week

  4. I love your blog Karen and I would've never said you weren't giving it your all you're one of the hardest working bloggers I know! I know you've been so busy so delighted you've got your mojo back. Will always devour all your posts and vids and loving the snapchat! Sending you good bloggy vibes for the future x

  5. Karen (lovelygirliebits)June 22, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    Thanks a mill Leanne, I feel back in the game for the first time in ages!

  6. Karen (lovelygirliebits)June 22, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    Thanks so much Jen :) I think I'm following you on Snapchat and he's gorgeous!

  7. Karen (lovelygirliebits)June 22, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    Thanks Sarah :) Listen, that first step joining Slimming World is the hardest part of the whole process, but it's so worth it. The group chats are great craic and there's a great sense of camaraderie as everyone is there for the same reason and going through the same struggles. Best of luck if you join missus!


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