Monday, June 15, 2015

What's new in beauty?

It seems like the beauty world has gone wild with launches and that my friend, makes for a very happy Karen.  As you know, one of my favourite things is to try out new stuff and if I wasn't sent products, I'd still be spending every last penny on new launches because it's an addiction at this stage!  Now, because a lot of stuff has arrived at Lovely Girlie Towers, I'm behind on reviews, but still wanted you to know that these things are either out now or coming soon.

It's a long video but lads, I waffled about stuff for the guts of an hour and had to whittle it down and cut products out, so I might have to film another one soon so you're in the know and fully informed on what's new in beauty!

As I mention in the video, let me know what you'd like to see a review on and I'll get cracking.  And also, I'm thinking about filming short reviews for the channel in the hopes that you can see the products in action and it'll keep things interesting in terms of videos!



  1. Great vid Karen, nice necklace and love those Aqua blushes too!

  2. Love it xx


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