Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sponsored video - La Roche-Posay & Temple Street Children's Hospital - Share your Selfie! #YouShareWeCare

When one of your favourite brands asks you to work with them on a really worthy campaign, you sit up, take notice, make sure they've asked the right Karen and then get cracking!  La Roche-Posay approached me a couple of months ago about bringing awareness to a fantastic campaign they're running with Temple Street Children's Hospital.  And so I decided to make a video about it, so I could have the chats with you and explain the whole thing in detail.

I got to take part in a photoshoot with the amazing Lili Forberg which was one of those pinch me moments.  It was also one of those cringey moments where I faffed about in front of a camera where I wasn't the photographer and every time she took a few photos, I had to apologise for being so rubbish because lads, this ain't America's Next Top Model and I tried to smize so hard!  But we got some great shots and I love this one where I'm having some special time with Serozinc.  I'm single and I'll take what I can get, shut up!

The video will explain everything and so I'd love you to watch it and take part in the campaign with me.  I trust that the Lovely Girlie Bits community will get stuck in and have a bit of craic!

This video is sponsored by La Roche-Posay.



  1. Brilliant! Such a great brand and a great cause. I love your 'smize' btw :-) Must watch the vid laters when there aren't so many people faffing around my desk!

  2. Ah karen your deadly love that pic.. Am off to watch the video

  3. Karen (lovelygirliebits)July 8, 2015 at 10:19 AM

    Thanks Magaluf! I can't wait to see your selfie :)

  4. Karen (lovelygirliebits)July 8, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    Thanks Becca, you know well what the smize is all about ;P I hope you enjoy the video!

  5. Loved this video so much! I will have to choose a product from the bajillions now...


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