Thursday, July 23, 2015

My new Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes!

The rule of life is if you see a beauty sale on, you buy stuff.   All the better if the stuff that's on sale is stuff you were planning on buying anyway.  That's a no brainer, no justification, the stars have aligned and you go with it.

Enter Cloud 10 Beauty's 15% off sale recently where I bought some Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes.  I may have had about 8 in my basket as is a common occurrence with me when it comes to online shopping (it feels like I'm not spending money!) but whittled it down to 4 brushes.  But be warned that the next time there's a sale on, I'll be picking up the ones that were left behind.

First up I bought two of the E24 (€6.95) flat eyeshadow brushes.  

These are great dupes for the MAC 239 (I say that confidently, having owned no MAC 239s in my life ever) and I've had one for a couple of years now and it's still in great shape.  I have a million fluffy brushes but not many flat shadow brushes, hence picking up two and they're great at picking up colour, be it powder or cream and they do what a flat shader brush should do - apply colour to my eyelids.  I've found them to wash well with my Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap and micellar cleansing water and they dry just as softly as if they were brand new.  The brush is small enough to fit under the lower lashes easily.  But did that stop me from picking up this next brush?  Nope!

I bought a pencil brush E23 (€6.95) after wanting one for ages.  

I'd one from Sephora that I bought years ago, along with a couple from Crown Brushes and even a cheap one from Ebay but this one knocks them all out of the park.  The pointed tip means I can really get into the lower lashes and smudge away without scratching that delicate under eye area.  In the past, I've found that the pencil brushes I've tried are either too dense and don't blend out the product, or are too scratchy and blend everything out too much.  This is the Cinderella brush of pencil brushes and I've been using it all the time as we do know I love me some smokey eyes!

The final brush is a little beaut!  (€7.95) And it's like nothing else in my collection.  Kinda.  

The F28 is described as a fluffy powder/contour brush and already it's become one of my go to brushes every day.  I like to use it to blend out eyeshadow, to apply highlight, both liquid and powder, to my cheekbones, and apply defined contour right in the (non existent) hollows of my cheekbones.  I've also been using it to set my undereye concealer when I remember to apply said concealer and it's a brilliant brush for doing a bit of precise powdering if I'm working on my strobe action.  I've also been known to just sit and stroke it, such is the weirdness that is my life.  It's bigger than a MAC 217 or 224 in case you're wondering whether you need it or not.  (You do).

I've used each of the brushes consistently since picking them up and having bought a flat eyeshadow brush from BCC years ago and it's still going strong, I'm confident that these will last me for ages.  But it will not stop me from buying more.  No.  That's crazy talk right there.

You can buy Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes from Cloud 10 Beauty or from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website.  Go forth and shop!



  1. I bought these too when the sale was on! Great review love these brushes

  2. Such great value - must pick up some more. I only have the Blank Canvas F15 for under eye powder but I adore it x

  3. I got some Blank Canvas brushes recently. I got the hot pink buffer F20 and F15 tapered brush with red bristles and also F28 which like you I absolutely adore and want to buy a few of them now. I bought from Blank Canvas website and if you can get discounts if you use either 'Pippa' or 'Sinead' (the makeup chair)!!! I've been on a mad spree buying brushes lately and want more!!!

  4. I love Blank Canvas, I got a few the last time they had a discount on the BCC site (I think SARAH gets you 10% off too), great value. Love!

  5. Oooh, I must check these out, they look great and are a good price point X

  6. wow, these look amazing!
    Emma xo |

  7. I love your reviews! These brushes sound and look really promising, and I can't believe how affordable they are! xx

    Gemma |


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