Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's ok... Blogger edition

This post is for the bloggers out there, be ye beauty bloggers or otherwise.  So if you're here for something beauty related, I'll be back tomorrow with something very fabulous!

The blogging world has literally exploded in recent years and has completely changed in the five years I've been doing it.  I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to blog every day, sometimes twice a day and last year when I was the busiest and most tired I've ever been with everything, I cut myself some slack.  And that freedom took a long while to get used to.  See, I have blogger's guilt a lot.  When I'm watching TV in the evening, I think "Hmm, I could be getting ahead of things now", or if I'm lazing about on the couch, it's generally on my mind that I should be getting stuff done.  But I'm getting there and find that the need to switch off and go easier on myself is much needed.

The majority of us blog as a hobby.  We do it for free.  People think we get free stuff and it must be great and yes, that's an amazing perk from blogging.  What they might not realise is the time that goes into taking and editing the photos along with writing the blog post.  I often wonder if companies and brands would do what we do for free.  And that thought made me take a step back and give myself a break and any blogger out there in a bit of a rut should too!

Today, I want to tell me fellow bloggers that it's ok.  

It's ok if you want to take a blogging break.  Recharging the batteries from time to time is necessary and more often than not you'll come back all guns blazing.

It's ok if you can't post every day.  Sometimes real life gets in the way.  Sometimes you're tired.  Sometimes you want to watch trashy TV or a film instead of blog and that's ok!

It's ok if you find inspiration in someone else's blog and it's ok to credit that inspiration by means of a mention, a link or a shout out.  It won't take away from your blog or your post!

It's ok if you see someone constantly talking about blog stats and you feel like yours isn't even close to those numbers.   Take them with a pinch of salt and know that stats aren't everything.  Content is king and if you're proud of every post you put out there, you're grand.  (More often than not, those stats are being massaged so be proud of your numbers).

It's ok if you have blogger's block.  It happens to the best of us.  With the sheer number of blogs that are out there and samples being sent out, trying to find a different angle all the time.

It's ok if you can't go to every event.  Sometimes real life, family life or work life gets in the way.  Maybe you want to have a cosy night in or maybe once you came home and put your pyjamas on, there was no going back!

It's ok to say no to some "opportunities".  Go with your gut.  Working with brands should be mutually beneficial.  It's up to you do negotiate or decide what you're happy with.

It's ok if you're not making money from your blog.  This is extremely difficult to do and doesn't make you any less of an amazing blogger.

It's ok if you feel like your life isn't Instagram worthy.  Real life isn't that perfect or stylised.  Snapchat has shown us that!

It's ok if you've just started blogging and are finding it hard to navigate your way and build an audience.  This takes time, patience, hard work and luck.  There's no magic formula.

It's ok if you can't keep up to date on all forms of social media.  If you're working full time, chances are you can't be on your phone at work and tweeting or Facebooking ain't going to pay the bills!

It's ok if you get a bit overwhelmed with everything.  You're only one bridie and can only do so much!

I hope that this helped someone out there and if not, it totally helped me!  It's not all doom and gloom though and that's not what this post was about.  Blogging is brilliant and I can't see myself stopping it anytime soon!  For the most part it's a completely positive experience and sometimes it's not.  But it's ok.  The good things far outweigh the bad and it's ok to feel any of those things mentioned above!

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