Monday, August 10, 2015

Urban Decay Riff eyeshadow - where have you been all my life?

There I was, watching Rosie Connolly doing her thing on Snapchat a few weeks ago, and in every snap, I thought to myself, what in the name of all that is sacred in this world is on Rosie's eyes and where do I get it.  She told us it was Riff from Urban Decay and I placed that piece of information in the "Obvs Need For Blogging Purposes" section of my brain, only to pick it up a couple of weeks ago with Mags.

There's a time when a product comes into your life and onto your eyeballs and you wonder how you managed without it.  This is one of those products.  The sales assistant on the Urban Decay counter said how she loves this shade so much and wears it in the crease when she's using purple shadows, so I'll definitely be doing that!

Riff is a warm orangey brown shade with the hint of gold sparkle in the pan, but on the eyes, the gold doesn't show up on me at all.  But that makes it all the more wearable for me though.  The formula is so silky when applied and basically blends itself.  And I love that there's hardly any fall out at all too. That makes life a bit easier doesn't it?  I like to pack it onto the lid and take it into the crease before blending any harsh edges away with a fluffy brush.  Because I've hooded eyes, I blend it upwards so that when I open my eyes, you can still see a hint of the colour above the crease.  And as always, I like to take my shadow under the lower lash line to balance it all out.  I have to wear a primer no matter what eyeshadow I use as I've really oily lids and can confirm that this doesn't crease for the whole work day which is good enough for moi.

You can see in the photos that the sparkle is pretty non existent, but that there's the lightest sheen on the lid that stops the colour from looking flat and I am a woman obsessed.  I wore it in my most recent Disappointing Products video if you want to see it in action and when I wore it on Snapchat that day, I'd so many questions asking me what I was wearing on my eyes!  That's always the sign of something special!

For filming, I applied some black liner to add more definition to my eyes and know I'll be wearing Riff with lots of chocolate brown shades and purples in the autumn.  And expect to see me using it in different videos because I am a woman obsessed!  I just wanted to show you the shadow in all it's glory on it's own, but rest assured this won't be the last you'll see of it on the blog or in videos.

I know I'll get so much wear out of Riff and I like to say things like that when justifying a purchase I didn't need, but in this case, it's true!

You can buy it on the Debenhams site for €18, in Debenhams itself, on Feel Unique for about €20,  but be warned, it sells out all the time and that's the Rosie Connolly effect, nothing to do with me!

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