Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour kit review

I never really jumped on board with the whole strobing thing as I'm too much of a fan of contouring.  If something will help me sculpt some cheekbones and add dimension to my face (and help me shave a few pounds off my face) then I'm not giving it up for anything!

Maybelline's contour kit was sent for me to test a few weeks back and I've been putting it through it's paces.  There are two shades, light/medium and medium/dark and I could totally get away with using both.  The lighter version is what I've been using most of the time, but I think I'll be hitting up the darker one in the colder months.  I always feel the need to pack my makeup on when the weather's chillier, I don't know why!

The packaging is decent with a compact that lifts up revealing a mirror and a brush that I'll probably only use when I'm out and about.  A third of the compact is made up of the finely milled highlighter and the other two thirds consists of the bronzer.  I think the ratio is pretty spot on as I know I definitely use more bronzer than highlight.

I love a natural contour, especially for during the day.  It's so easy to go a bit heavy handed with makeup, especially when you're trying to slap it on at the crack of dawn with no natural light.  And that's why I'm such a fan of this contour kit.  See, sometimes I can apply my makeup in the morning in a mad rush, check myself in the mirror thinking I'm fabaliss, only to get to work, look at myself in the mirror in proper daylight and realise I could give Ru Paul a run for her money with the sheer amount of makeup I've lashed on.

Check out that before and after swatch above.  Doesn't it look like they're my actual cheekbones?  And while the highlighter isn't shimmery or glittery, it gives a really soft sheen to the skin, plumping up my cheeks beautifully.  Both powders are so finely milled, feel like velvet on the skin and basically blend themselves!  It's one of the more subtle contour kits I've used, but is totally one of the most effective at pretending I have actual cheekbones.

I think this is my new favourite budget contour kit lads.  If you're a bit scared of contouring, aren't sure what you're doing, or afraid you'll end up mahogifying your face, get this and you will be absolutely grand.  It's €9.99 in Boots, and your cheekbones will love you for it!

Now, do I look anything remotely like Molly King here?  And how do I go about getting myself a David Gandy?

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