Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection review!

You are absolutely free to sing Spandau Ballet's Gold throughout this post.  If you aren't sure what that song is, I'm dying on the inside because I'm showing my age.

Anyway, Michael Kors has launched a new trio of fragrances just in time for the festive season.  As we all know, Mick (we're on a casual name basis as we go way back) is a fan of his metals when it comes to fashion and accessories and we all know someone who has a rose gold watch don't we?   The Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection is gorgeous, both in packaging and in the scent department too.  Each bottle feels like you're carrying around a chunk of metal and yet is so simple and classic.  It will also make you want to keep paw prints off it when you're carrying it around, so I'd suggest wearing a nice scarf to use as a cloth.  Or something with long sleeves.  You can thank me later.

Rose Radiant Gold

I think this one will sell out first on packaging alone because rose gold anything is still going strong and you're going to want to display this one on your vanity.  I do love a good floral woody musk and this has been my go to fragrance since getting it to test out.  Any time I wear it, I get compliments on it and then fish it out of my bag to spray on the person who has complimented moi.  It is gorgeous and is one that'll work for the chung wans along with the aul wans like myself.

White Luminous Gold

With notes of pear, jasmine and amber, this scent is the brightest of the three and yet when it settles on the skin, the warmth of the amber makes it feel all cosy.  Anything with jasmine and you know I'm a happy bridie.  It's one that I can see myself wearing when I've a bit of sparkle going on with makeup or jewellery and is nothing like I have in my ridiculously vast perfume collection.

24K Brilliant Gold

This one reminds me of my first ever Michael Kors fragrance that I bought years ago and rationed it like a mad woman!  I think this one will be a crowd pleaser if you're buying it as a present for someone because it's got the hit of citrus (mandarin) before leading into the florals and woody notes.  I think there's jasmine in it which is probably why I'm drawn to it after the Rose Radiant Gold scent and while I might not necessarily feel more feminine and seductive when I wear it, it's a winner!

I've been making my way through each of these three scents for the past few weeks and I'd recommend going into the shops and smelling them yourselves because they're all absolutely lovely.  You'll be able to buy the bottles on their own and there'll be Christmas sets too!  I think this festive season, we're all going to be smelling like Rose Radiant Gold!

Are you intrigued?  Will you be adding one (or three) of these to your festive wish list this year?  A 30ml bottle will set you back €55, 50ml is €79 and 100ml is €109.  Go forth and douse yourselves in these babies!

*PR sample*

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