Monday, January 18, 2016

Budget lips with Penneys, swatches, review, photos!

January means one thing and one thing alone.  No money.  We've managed to spend it all over Christmas. We do it every year and will never learn that this is the longest month of the year and four weeks feels like an absolute eternity when you're watching every penny!

That being said, despite being stony broke, our compulsion to buy makeup does not waver.  Not even a bit.  The makeup addicts out there feel me, I know you do.

But what if I told you that your addiction can be satisfied for just a few measly euro?  What if you didn't buy one coffee a week (better make it Monday as it's so much easier to be very virtuous at the start of the week)?  Then in a couple of weeks you could go into Penneys, for a look, famous last words, and head towards the makeup.  You know exactly where it is, I know you.

They've got some of the best budget lip products I've tried to date lads and after trying a handful of lip liners, glosses and pencils, it's probably a good thing that they're so affordable because I want to try more.   Let's get to swatching shall we?

The Liquid Lipsticks are divine!  As a neutral lip lover, my immediate favourite was shade 15, a wonderful warm caramel that I've been getting lots of wear out of.  These guys have a small brush applicator, aren't sticky and are incredibly pigmented.  And for €2.50 each, I want to get the rest of the shades.  For the blog and all...

Liquid Lipstick Shade 02
Liquid Lipstick Shade 15
Liquid Lipstick Shade 05
Next up we have the Matte Lipstick Crayons and again, at €2.50 each, I'm raging I didn't buy more.  I bought two and because it was before Christmas when I got them, I picked a red which is amazing....  Along with the red, I chose a nude and have been haring my way through it like nobody's business.

If I did a blind test with these two agains the NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencils, I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference between the two.  The Penneys version give my lips a soft, velvety finish that's really comfortable to wear and more importantly, doesn't dry them out.  The red shade is scarily pigmented and is a contender for The Red I Might Leave The House Wearing Someday.  As for the nude shade, it's perfect on it's own and looks equally perfect with a gloss over the top.

Matte Velvet Lip Crayon Shade 04
Matte Velvet Lip Crayon Shade 05
For the most part, the lip liner pencils are the actual business.  I love applying liners all over the lip to act as a base so when my gloss fades, I still have a stain of colour remaining.  I found the darkest shade quite dry to apply to the lip and it dragged quite a bit, but to line the lips themselves, it was grand.  The neutral shade is Kylie Jenner worthy and can we take a second to talk about the red shade?  Like the brown shade, it's creamy, opaque and I'd be happy to wear on it's own.

Lip Liner Pencil Shade 06
Shade 06 is the 90s nude and is very Kylie Jenner, if that's what we're still calling it.  It's a touch too dark for me to wear on it's own (on the left above), but with the nude matte lip crayon over the top, it lifts it slightly and makes it more suitable for my skin tone.  I love these two together.

Lip Liner Pencil Shade 11
Shade 11 is a really deep burgundy but holy moly it was so dry on the lips.  It pulled and tugged as I was applying it, but then when I applied the matching liquid lipstick over the top, all was forgiven.  I'm loving the vampy lips!  This might be one just for lining the lips, not for filling in.

Lip Liner Pencil Shade 05
Finally we have shade 05, the red and on it's own on the left, you can see it has slight pink undertones to it, but makes a great base for the red velvet lip crayon which I've applied on the right.  Yes, the reds are absolutely stunning.

The liners are €1.50 each and like the rest of the products mentioned here today, I want to try more.  And despite being mouldy broke, I can always find a couple of euro in the bottom of my bag and head to Penneys!   And now I want to try out the rest of their makeup collection too, and their polishes, and their eyelashes.... Stay tuned for more Penneys posts!

Have you tried any of the lip products from Penneys?  What do I need to try next?

*Purchased by moi*


  1. Ooooh Karen loving the new site!!!!

    These REDs look fabulous on you... I need to get some!!!! Xx Siobhan

  2. Had to buy some of the bits above ...and they are fab.. Keep the ideas coming :)


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