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10 cleansers to try!

I've mentioned this lots before over my five plus years blogging, but the best thing I've ever done for my skin is to stop using makeup wipes.  And any time I'm asked about beauty advice or what my number one tip is, it's always, always to stop using wipes and get yourself a cleanser.  Then use it.  Give yourself a couple of weeks to start seeing and feeling the difference in your skin and you won't look back!

Now, with the blog comes serious responsibility in terms of testing out products and while I have more skincare bits than sense, I've picked out ten cleansers worth checking out if you're on the market for something new.

As a beauty junkie, I always have a few cleansers on the go and chop and change them depending on my mood and skin situation.  This means one thing.  I always have a load of half finished bottles of cleansers everywhere and it takes a while to finish them!

Let's get stuck in shall we?

Neostrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser - €27.50 - buy
I go through phases where my skin looks dull and it needs a little pick me up.  This is generally in spring time, and so for the past few weeks I've been using the Neostrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser to give my visage a little somethin' somethin'.  If you want to go the whole hog and tackle skin brightening on all levels, then you can use the rest of the Enlighten range, but for now, I'm happy with the cleanser which foams and gently exfoliates my skin leaving it feeling clean and looking bright.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - €19 - buy
This is an oldie but a goodie.  A real goodie.  Whenever someone asks for a recommendation for a higher end cleanser, I always point them in the direction of this.  I gave Joanne a set containing the cleanse and polish and she absolutely loves it and it's one of those products that works for all skin types.  It's gentle enough to use on my eyes, leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and is a cleanser I've repurchased a few times myself.  A total hit and I'll never be without a bottle!

Botanics Hydration Burst Dual-Action Cleanser - €8.29 - buy
For a cleanser that's under a tenner, this one is absolutely fabulous.  It starts off as a thick gel and as you massage it into the skin, it turns into an oil, breaking down your makeup and dirt splendidly.  You can either remove it by rinsing it with water or with a flannel which is what I do.  It reminds me of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel but has a slighter thicker consistency and works just as well!  It leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards and if you're in the market for a budget cleanser, then definitely check this out.

Image Vital C Hydrating Cleanser - €32 - buy
This is new to my collection but has become a firm favourite.  With it's citrus scent, it smells like summer and I might bring this away with me on my summer holliers.  I've been trying to pump my skin with anything that will hydrate it and this is how I start the process.  By massaging the cream into my face (not into my eyeballs) and removing it with a facecloth, my skin feels clean, nourished and hydrated, ready for the rest of my skincare.  I can see the Vital C range and I having a long term relationship and I'm going to make Joanne use it when we're away because her skin is super dry and I'm a good sister and she will owe me big time!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - €29 - buy
This is one of those does what it says on the tin products.  There are no airs or graces with it, no scent, nothing.  But it does a stellar job at cleansing the skin without stripping it and it's one that I need to use a cloth to remove it because without that, it can leave my skin feeling a bit greasy, like there's residue on it.  The tub is massive, is great value for money and is suitable for all skin types.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm - €45 - buy
I've raved about this cleansing balm before and am an absolute lover of Emma's cleansing cloths.  This is my cleanser that I go to when I want a bit of luxury and pampering.  The scent of it is divine and each time Emma comes to Ireland to visit, I ask when she's going to bring out a fragrance in this scent.  I'm going to bully her into it lads, don't worry.  This balm can be used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, can be left on as a hydrating mask and can be mixed in with Emma's Rosehip seeds to exfoliate the skin.  Yes it's spendy but holy moly it's pure indulgence and makes for a great gift for someone (or yourself) who wouldn't spend that much money on themselves.

Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing oil - €23.76 - buy
This is one of the newer oils I've been trying out lately and while it's packed full of almond oil, it doesn't smell like marzipan.  Phew.  Girlfriend does not like her face to smell like wedding cake.  This is a really lightweight oil that I can use to remove makeup, including mascara and doesn't irritate my delicate eyeballs.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - £29.50 - buy
I've been rationing this like it's going out of fashion and this is because it is simply gorgeous to use on the skin and is spendy.  I know I'll want to repurchase it when I finish it but due to the ridiculous number of cleansers I have on rotation, I won't be able to justify it until I finish at least two products in this post.   It starts off as a gel, but once massaged into the skin, it melts into an oil which removes my makeup effectively, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and super soft after using it.  SEE It's absolutely worth the money (but if you're on a budget like moi, then check out the Botanics version above).  This is one of those products that makes me want to get people to touch my face when I've used it.  That's not weird at all sure it's not?

Kinvara Cleansing Oil - €19.95 - buy
This is bottle number two as someone (moi) dropped the first bottle on tiled floors on Christmas Eve and lamented the loss of it over the holidays.  I'd been using it for over a week before that and had really enjoyed using it as it removed my makeup easily, didn't affect the eyeballs and left my skin feeling soft and plump afterwards.  Kinvara (not to be confused with Kinara, a gorgeous restaurant in Clontarf) kindly sent me a new bottle to use and I've promised to be more careful with this one!  I really do feel fresh faced after using this and used in conjunction with the Kinvara Rosehip Face Serum, it's a match made in heaven.

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Cream - €5.99 - buy
This one makes me feel old school!  I don't use cream cleansers that much anymore but sometimes it's nice to turn back time!  This one is great for just cleansing the skin, not for removing makeup as I found there to still be foundation on my face when I used a toner after it.  But for a morning cleanser, it's great.  It's gentle on the skin and to save on cotton pads, I like to apply it directly to the skin, massaging it in a bit and then use cotton pads to remove it.  If you're on a budget and want to get into a proper skincare routine, then definitely investigate the Botanics range as they've so many products and you'll be spoiled for choice and won't be broke!

So those are the cleansers I rate at the moment!  What are you using and what do I need to try next?


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