Friday, April 29, 2016

CND Spa Collection - your manicure just got fancier!

STOP!  Pamper time!  Ok, let me calm down for a second and explain.  When is a manicure not just a manicure?  When you get bells and whistles on top of getting your nails painted AND you can get all of this fabulousness during your lunch hour.  Yes, there are times when we'd like to take time off work, book ourselves into a spa and get the full works, but the truth is we're busier than ever and still want to pamper ourselves at full capacity, but also keep our annual leave in tack.

Enter the CND Spa Collection!  Made up of four products which promise to give you the spa experience without actually having to take the day off work, getting your nails done has gone to a whole other level.

I got to try out the CND Spa Collection recently and I think it's ruined me for future manicures.  From now on, I'm going to want to have my nails and hands cleansed in a sea salt soak followed by having a scrub massaged in, leaving my hands feeling soft and smooth.  But that's not all.  I will then be very perturbed if I do not get a mask painted onto my hands, wrapping them in warmed mitts while getting a head and shoulder massage that I will be forced to make sure I don't drool during, before having a gorgeously delicately scented lotion massaged into my hands and arms.  And that's before the actual painting of the nails.

There are two scents in the CND Spa Collection, Bright Citron which is zesty, uplifting and will restore radiance to the skin and Gardenia Woods which hydrates and softens the skin.  I had my spa experience done with the Gardenia Woods products as I always have a gra delicate white florals in spring.

I picked a coral polish for the actual manicure, Tropix, one of the Vinylux polishes (which you can see over on my Instagram) and it lasted about 5.5 days before chipping occured.  I know this to be true because we had a daily check in at work while we investigated my nails.

The CND Spa Collection is available from CND salons nationwide and if you're looking for some pamper time, then book yourself in for a spa experience and prepare to want the works each and every time you get your nails done!


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