Monday, May 16, 2016

Catrice Denim Divine collection overview & one palette two looks tutorial!

Any brand that puts a coral shade into an eyeshadow palette gets a high five from me and Catrice's Denim Divine collection not only gets a high five, but it gets one of the hands up to the sky emojis too because I'm so impressed with it!  With it's nudes, neutrals, navys and hits of coral, I'm in makeup heaven and despite it being on counters for a while now and will be gone soon, I had to tell you about it!

Where I was disappointed with Catrice's nude palette from the spring collection, this six shade eyeshadow palette, Injeanious, is the star of the show.   Of course I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous coral shade in the middle and the navy colour at the end, but the rest of the shades work perfectly together.

Obligatory arm swatches done, you can see we have three shimmers, three mattes and all lovely.  I wanted to go old school with my blog post today and do something I used to do years ago and show you two looks created from one palette.  This way you can see the shadows in action and give you a bit of inspiration too.  And no matter what, that coral shade was getting incorporated somehow!

1.  Take the coral shade and apply it into the crease, revelling in the fact that you're applying your favourite colour to your eyeballs this time, not your cheeks, lips or nails!  Ok, that might just be me, but trust me, it works and we're going to layer other shades over it so it'll just add warmth to the look.

2.  Take the shimmery bronze to the right of the coral and pack it onto the eyelid.

3.  While you're there, take it under the lower lashes too.

4.  Taking the matte brown shade between the bronze and navy shades, apply that directly into the crease with a small precise brush, blending the bronze and coral shades together.

5.  With a pencil brush, apply the navy eyeshadow in the outer edge of the eyelid in a wedge shape and if you're so inclined, take it under the lower lashes but only on the outer edge too.

6.  You're ready for mascara so take a second to admire your eyes.

Et voila!

It wouldn't be me without a smokey look and this one is super easy to do!

1.  Apply the navy shade to the eyelid, keeping it close to the lashes and not bringing it too close to the crease.  Then see that the eyeshadow actually looks black on you, not navy.  Not to worry, we're here to do a smokey eye.

2.  Taking the matte brown eyeshadow to the left of the navy shade, apply it into the crease and bring it down to meet the navy, blending as you go.  Blending is mucho importante with this look, so have a few clean blending brushes ready.  You can apply the brown shade over the navy one and if you lose any of the intensity of the darker shade, add more.  And blend.  Always blend.  Blend until you give yourself carpel tunnel syndrome.

3.  Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply more navy to the outer edge, giving a bit of a cat eye shape and with what's left on the brush, bring it under the lower lashes.

4. With a fluffy blending brush, apply the matte cream eyeshadow to the brow bone.  We want to keep this all matte for now, so apply away and blend it into the outer edges of your crease colour.

5.  Apply a small amount of the light shimmery eyeshadow on the left of the palette to the inner corner.  It's easy to go overboard here, so take your time.

6.  Using the navy liquid liner and holding your breath so as not to mess your work so far, line the upper lash line giving yourself a flick as big or as small as you'd like.

I applied some black liner to the waterline to bring it all together and that's it!  A grand smokey eye that you could totally wear during the day or darken it up even more for evening time.

For €7.95, this palette is gorgeous and one to be checked out while the collection is still on counters.

Before I finish up the post, I needed to give you a heads up about the polishes in the collection.  I got given three of the five and at €3.50 each, they're totally purse friendly.  Or "I-just-spent-all-my-money-on-holidays-but-still-want-to-buy-beauty-products" friendly.  

Of course I knew I was going to love the coral shade, Fabricot, but on the nails, it's even more beautiful...  I just needed two coats of it for the photo below which is always a bonus and I know I'll get tonnes of wear out of it over the summer.  Dark Denim Blue is a delicious inky blue shade for fans of darker polishes in the hotter days but sit down for a second while we talk about Comfort Fit....  I do love nude nails in the summer and this one is FAB-U-LOUS!  Despite not having a tan, it makes me look like I've a bit of a glow and is super flattering on.  And what I mean by that is it's different enough to my pale skin to make me not look like I've mannequin fingers.  I had to use three coats for the photos which is standard for me and pale shades, but it's worth the extra couple of minutes.

So yes, the Denim Divine collection is most definitely worth checking out and because I've very behind the times on the blog, it's on stands now so if you see something you like, snap it up because chances are it'll be gone soon!

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