Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some summer essentials ft Nuxe, Vichy, Kiehl's, Image Skincare & Emma Hardie!

While I'm lucky enough to have gone on my summer holiday already and am feeling the need to book something else so I have it to look forward to, I thought I'd talk you through some of the things I brought away with me.  My summer essentials if you will.  Now as a beauty junkie and product try-er out-er, this isn't everything I packed, but are the bits I loved and used every day.

SPF, you need it and if you're heading to sunnier places than Ireland, then SPF in your makeup won't be enough.  Usually they're around the SPF 10-15 mark and you need more than that if you're out galavanting.  The Image Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturiser (€44.50) has SPF30, gives a lovely light coverage which will have people saying you have a glow about you (totally happened to moi) and evens out the complexion beautifully.  Pale ladies will need to find something lighter in shade though, or be faked tanned because it's a touch dark, but still something I wore lots during the day and I didn't burn.  Except for the first day.

Let me set the scene.  We arrived and headed down to the shops to do the big food shop, but thought we'd be smart and have lunch first so we wouldn't be shopping on an empty stomach.  This meant we found ourselves sitting outside without thinking to bring SPF with us and ended up having to buy a bottle of stuff that gave me a weird reaction on my face.  That was never used again by me so for the rest of the trip. I used my Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector SPF50 (~ €28)which feels lightweight on the skin, doesn't feel greasy or sticky, needs a good shake before pouring it out and absorbs into the skin quickly.  It's unscented and kept my skin protected in the spanish sun, can't complain!

For the body, you can't go wrong with Vichy and their new Ideal Soleil SPF50 Ultra-melting milk-gel (€19.50) did my pasty limbs good.  I don't sunbathe but still like to lash this on when I'm out and about. This absorbed into my skin really quickly and can be applied to dry or wet skin which is good to know.  And it's worth noting that the Ideal Soleil range has ingredients including hyaluronic acid and glycerine to help skin stay hydrated throughout the day.  Extra protection is always handy.

If you're looking for a summer scent but don't want to lug a bottle of perfume around with you, then you need to smell the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Intense Body Lotion.  Part of Emma's Travel Kit, this lotion smells exactly like her Moringa Cleansing Balm and is helping to keep me happy while I try to bully her in to bringing out a fragrance!  I used this almost every evening in Spain and then proceeded to make everyone smell my arms, touch my arms and generally tormented them thanks to Emma.  Obsessed with this.

New from Nuxe this year is the After-sun hair and body shampoo (€12) and while it might be a fancier version of Wash 'n Go (who remembers that?!) because it can be used on the body and in the hair, we used up the whole bottle in the week we were away.  Last year we used up the matching SPF in a week and it smelled just as summery.  It didn't dry out my hair, helped break down any SPF on my body and left me smelling divine after my shower.  I'll be talking more about it in an upcoming post.

Back to Vichy and their Ideal Soleil After-sun in-shower or on dry skin (€19) which is a fabulous idea.  Back in the day when we were kids, Mam and Dad would always have us tormented with having to put after sun on in the evenings and it became a chore and a ritual we hated.  Now it's a chore that can be made a bit more interesting by using it in the shower.  So once you've washed your bits with your regular shower gel (or your Nuxe hair and body shampoo), you apply this all over your wet skin and then rinse it off leaving you with with soft, moisturised skin.  For even more hydration, you can apply it to dry skin too.  So no excuses if you've spent too much time out in the sun!

And those are the beauty essentials I had with me on holidays!  If you're heading away to the sun soon, do let me know so I can start to live vicariously through you!  It'll spur me on to book something else and start thinking about what products I'll bring away with me.  Any excuse eh?!

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