Monday, May 23, 2016

Vichy Ideal Soleil In-shower after-sun & Ultra-melting milk-gel review!

If you're off on your summer holidays soon, I'm really happy for you... No really, I am... I actually quite enjoy having to wear my fleece pyjamas in the evenings and love the uncertainty of whether I'll be able to wear my new sunglasses or will find out if the mascara I'm testing out is waterproof or not...  Super happy for you.  Totally can't wait to see your snaps.  Not hoping at all that you'll burn your bits or get chomped to bits by the mozzies.  Not one bit.  And to prove just how OK I am with your impending holiday, I'm going to be kind enough to tell you about two new products from the Vichy Ideal Soleil collection that you might want to check out.

These two came to Spain with me and the family and we all put them through their paces.  The Vichy Ideal Soleil Ultra Melting Milk Gel comes in SPF 30 and SPF 50, is €19.50 for that massive tube, and protects the skin from UVA and UVB damage.  It claims to provide ultra water resistant protection even on wet skin and unfortunately we couldn't test that out because the pool was baltic.  If I'd gotten in, I would have legit froze the diddies off myself and no review is worth that!  The milk-gel absorbed into skin quickly and gave a soft velvety finish, meaning I didn't have to walk around waving my arms and legs trying to get it to sink in.

The Vichy Ideal Soleil After-sun in-shower or on dry skin has the longest name ever for a product, but we won't hold that against it because it's very intriguing altogether.  At the moment there are a couple of in-shower tans on the market and when I heard about this, I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before.  I'm not a fan of having to apply after suns having been smothered in a Nivea one for most of my childhood and the thought of it gives me worms.  It always left my skin feeling sticky and like there was a layer of product sitting on top of my skin and so I stopped using it and started using regular body lotions.  Now this after sun can be applied over clean wet skin in the shower, should be rinsed off and then you can go about your evening happy out.  Or for a more intense level of nourishment, it can be applied over dry skin and it feels like a dry oil in texture and in finish when you use it.  It's lightly scented, contains Shea butter, four beautifying oils and vitamin E and is a doddle to use.  Now I can't say my skin looked any more beautified after using it, but I absolutely loved how my skin felt each evening.  The bottle is €19 and will do you and the family for your holiday.  The holiday I'm happy for, remember?

So there we have it, the newbies from the Vichy Ideal Soleil range.  By all means investigate the whole Ideal Soleil range if you're checking these out because you want to be completely prepared for your summer break where you'll be checking the Irish weather forecast every morning, just so you can gloat loads when you get back.  Don't deny it, we all do it!

Anyway, enjoy your holidays and bring me back a Toblerone ok?

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