Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 ways to wear coloured eyeliner!

Bright eyeliner can be terrifying to wear, especially if you're a neutral eye lover like myself.  Ok, maybe it's not quite terrifying, but for a lot of us, it's out of our comfort zone.  For most of the year, I keep things pretty safe in the eye makeup department.  But when summer comes, all hell breaks loose and out come my bright eyeliners and for the few warm weeks in Ireland, I experiment a bit with my eyeballs and when I say experiment, I mean do one of these four looks.  I need to expand my makeup skills but sure it's a start.

Now when it comes to mad makeup like this, I don't spend a lot on the products themselves because I only use them for a short time during the year.  And you'll see from the photo below that I do enjoy a nice turquoise liner or two.  Bourjois are the way to go if you like metallics like me and I bought them all over the last couple of years.  The Body Shop Eye Definer is a newbie to my collection given to me last week and I'm putting it through it's paces at the moment.  I also have a MAC gel eyeliner from last year that I could probably get another year out of too but as it was limited edition, I didn't feature it in the photo but it's on my eyeballs in one of the photos below.

1. Layered above black liner
Wearing a bright liner layered above black liner shows two things.  The first is that you're cool, sophisticated and aren't afraid to rock a double wing but also that you are essentially Michelangelo as you've not only managed to apply one perfect line, but you've gone two for two and are ready to teach a FAS course in eyeliner.  Having the black close to the lash line means your lashes will look thicker and all you have to do is trace above it with your coloured liner.  Bish bash bosh.

2. A pop of colour on lower lash line
This is one of my go to summer looks and it always looks best on me with an intense blue or green pencil.  I always feel just applying it on the waterline isn't enough and make sure I smudge it into the lower lashes and bring it under the eye a bit.  Out of the four looks here, this is the one I wear the most with all of my liners and even in the autumn, I wear a purple shade with a neutral eye.  Do this and you'll thank me later.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3. Pop of colour on it's own on upper lash line
This one is not for the faint hearted.  It can be bright, in your actual face, but super cool too.  And don't be thinking it's just for the young ones.  All bridies can get away with it.  I've toned it down a bit and used this darker electric blue, but have worn turquoise and a mint shade in the past, but would need a set of falsies to finish the look with shades that bright.  With the darker shade, a couple of coats of mascara and I'm good to go.  Because you're not using black liner with it, make sure to really smush it into the lash line so it looks really thick and intense, like myself.

4.  With a smokey eye on the waterline
Janine Bird from Smashbox did this on me a while back and I contemplated going to bed that night with a full blown smokey eye.  Adding a coloured liner on the waterline adds something different to a smokey eye and makes it a bit more interesting.  In the photos above I've used the electric blue and then layered a turquoise over it for the craic.  This is super easy and takes no effort whatsoever.  So no excuses!

The Bourjois liners are fantastic and at €6.69, they're budget friendly and you'd be mad not to pick up a couple at least!  They're so soft and creamy, are insanely pigmented, applying easily on the eyelid and on the waterline.  And they stay put all day too but come off in seconds with a waterproof eye makeup remover.

So tell me, will you be rocking some colourful eyeliner this summer?  And if so, what's your go to liner of choice at the moment?  Have you tried the Bourjois ones yet?

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