Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kiko Cosmetics Mirage Lip Stylos - my perfect summer lipstick!

Wandering the streets of Barcelona back in April, I stumbled across a Kiko shop and for once, I hadn't researched where one was or anything.  I promise!  This was pure fate but as we were all tired from a long day in the gorgeous city, I had 90 seconds to shop in there as we were getting cranky.  90 seconds isn't an awful lot of time to shop for makeup, not even for me, and yet I still managed to find a gem.  Yes, I bought one product, the Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in shade 01, a wonderful nude and after I applied it for the first time, I knew I'd be buying a backup.

The Kiko Mirage Lip Stylos come in 16 shades online, but the Kiko shops I went into only had five or six shades available.  I made a beeline for the shop when I visited Alicante, picked up a backup of shade 01, and then obviously had to buy a coral, shade 03.  No other lip products have really gotten a look in since I bought these are very special altogether.

I have to give a quick word about the packaging with it's metallic rose gold loveliness and the textured tube makes it easy to fish out of my handbag just by having a quick root.  This isn't too important for those who carry just one or two lip products around with them, but when 92% of your handbag's contents are lip products, you need all the help you can get.  

Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in Shade 01 Rose Canyon is one of my favourite nude shades of all time.  It's really flattering on and is an almost caramel pinky peachy neutral lip, one to suit lots of skin tones as I've basically described it with all the colours.  I bought a backup of this and I'm pretty sure I'll probably get another one because I'm a woman obsessed.

Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in Shade 03 Fired Earth Pink is definitely more coral/orange than it is pink.  It's a bright, summery shade that's not too in your face that I've actually worn it outside of the house!  Like Rose Canyon, it's creamy, pigmented and is easy to wear.  I think a shade like this makes me look like I've a bit more life in my complexion so on days where I'm boggle eyed, all I have to do is lash a bit of this on to distract from my beady eyes!

If you're a fan of lipsticks that feel like lip balms but have mad colour payoff, then you should check these out.  You can buy the Lip Stylos on the Kiko website for €11.90 and if you're in the vicinity of an actual Kiko, I'm mad jealous... Shipping to Ireland is free when you spend over €49 and is €5.90 if you spend under the €49 mark.  Good luck trying to keep your spending under €49!

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