Thursday, August 11, 2016

Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation & Paese Rice Powder review, before & after swatches!

You know those people out there who are blessed with perfect skin and only need the lightest layer of foundation to give them the coverage they want?  Yeah no that's not me.  Not even a bit.  I'm blotchy and like to cover up said blotches, so a good medium to full coverage foundation is right up my street.  Enter Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation (€16.50).

This foundation is really thick when applied onto the back of the hand and it's worth noting that it has one of those spatulas to get the product out of the bottle, not a pump.  But despite it's thick texture, it blend quickly and easily into the skin.  The formula has ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 which soothes irritation and inflammations along with vitamins A, C, E and shea butter to moisturise and protect the skin.

Now, as always, when testing out foundations, I always try applying it a couple of different ways.  I found that using the Beauty Blender gave a really high level of coverage, a bit too much even for me, but when I use the round head kabuki or the Terrie brush from Nima Brushes, I get a near flawless application.  See?

I get a really decent level of coverage with one layer of shade 01 and my skin is left with a really healthy glow.  Because there are so many moisturising ingredients in it, it's a foundation I can definitely feel on my skin if I don't powder it.  Now it's not heavy or anything, it just feels like I've applied moisturiser.  So for those with dryer skin, you could apply a layer and go about your day happy out.  For the oilier among us, we need to powder things or else by lunchtime, we'd be a mess.  Not even a hot mess.  Just a dirty big sweaty looking mess.

The Paese Rice Powder (€15.00)  is something of a revelation to me in that it's one of the most long lasting mattifying powders I've ever used.  I can apply a layer of it first thing in the morning and by the time I get home, my face is still completely matte.  And it's one of those powders that looks better on your skin the longer it's on, probably because it absorbs the excess oil produced by your skin throughout the day.

The first time I applied it, I loaded up a big powder brush with it and started applying it to my nose and all over my face, just to see how I got on.  Yeah don't do that!  My poor nose looked white and that wasn't the look I was going for!  So what I do now is start with my forehead before moving to the nose and if I need to load up the brush again for my chin, I make sure my nose is taken care of first.  Never go near the schnoz with a brush full of powder!

For the purpose of the before and after photos above, I powdered my whole face and if you're a fan of the matte look, then fire away and do this yourself.  Just make sure to contour and highlight your face a bit or else your complexion can look a bit flat.

Used together, these two products are a match made in makeup heaven for me.  They photograph really well and they look gorgeous in real life too.  I've been making my way through them over the past few weeks and they saved me in the recent heat where I was a sweaty mess, my hair was frizzy, but my face looked lovely!

You can find a list of stockists on the Paese website here and it's also available from

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