Monday, September 12, 2016

Catrice Contourious collection review, photos!

I can't read or write about the Contourious collection from Catrice without singing the "Notorious" song in my head which then leads in to visions of Conor McGregor strutting around the place.  Anyway, I've most likely put that song in your head so you're welcome!

I've said it so many times this year and I'll say it again, Catrice are kicking serious bootay this year and for the last few weeks I've been testing out these bits from their Contourious collection.  There are hits and misses and I'm here to report back on where I'd spend my sheckles and where I'd save a few bob and I do mean a few as these are tres affordable.

Catrice Contourious Sculpting Powder Palette - Pale Perfectionist - €5.50

Pale Perfectionist is a deadly little trio to keep in your makeup bag allowing you to sort your face out in a jiffy.  The contour shade is perfectly cool toned to help hollow out those cheekbones and give a bit of definition where needed.  The contouring brush is great for applying the product on the cheeks but not so much for blending it out.  I think because I'm usually in a mad rush in the morning, I haven't been reaching for it as I generally go for an angled brush that applies my contour and blends it out too.  If you're in the market for one of these contouring brushes though, one that you can really chisel out an aul cheekbone or two, then you could do worse than spending a fiver on one to see if  you actually use it.

In terms of the blush, you know I usually go for the peachier blushes but this one is gorgeous and I've been wearing it loads.  A little goes a long way... Totally found that out the hard way...  And as for the highlight, it is beautiful!  It leaves my cheekbones with a soft sheen and you know I like to glow baby glow!  This also comes in a peachier trio that I need to check out too because peach.  I love peach.  

Catrice Contourious Contouring Cream Palette - €4.95
Catrice Contourious Contouring Brush - €4.95

I'm not a huge cream contour lover and this duo were slightly off the mark for me in that while they looked great on initial application and blended into the skin easily, they ended up blending away to nothing.  The contouring brush is too big for this set but is perfect to use with the cheek trio above.  If you like a really subtle contour, and I mean reeeeeeally subtle, then go have a swatch, but I'd be more inclined to spend the extra 50 cent and get the trio above!

Catrice Contourious Highlighting Stick - €4.50

I think Catrice set the bar high with the High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder from a few months back and so now I'm really picky when it comes to highlights.  This cream highlighting stick is really handy in terms of packaging, making it easy to plop in your handbag for touch ups during the day, but I've used better stick highlights in the past as this disappears into nothing on my skin.   Get the Mineral Highlighting Powder instead lads!

Catrice Contourious lip contour & colour - €4.95

A lip liner and gloss in one convenient tube?  My multipurpose loving self thanks you Catrice.  The pointy end is a matte lipliner which I like to use all over the lips, and the other end houses the gloss which looks lovely on it's own or on top of the liner.  This is the shade Rosewood and there's a Nude shade that I need to try as well.  Despite being matte, the liner isn't drying and has a slight silicon feel to it, giving it slight slip and making it nice and comfortable to wear.  This has made it to The Front Pocket Of My Handbag (the place where the lip products I love and use the most) and for €4.95, it's a proper bargain altogether.

There's a brow shaper and a strobing duo highlighter that makes up the collection and yes, I'll be needing to check them out myself.  The Contourious collection is on stands right now so move quickly if you want to treat yourself to something from it!

My picks of the bunch?  Spend the tenner and get the lip contour & colour along with the sculpting powder palette.  Your face and lips will thank you and so will your wallet!  I'm in the process of testing out lots more products from Catrice at the moment, so stay tuned for more budget friendly reviews!

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