Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cosy twinkly lights from Penneys!

Long time followers on Snapchat and Instagram will know that I'm twinkly light obsessed!  Nothing makes a room cosier than having the main lights switched off and sticking some twinkly lights up somewhere.  Anywhere!  If you throw in fleecy pyjamas and socks, a cosy program like the Great British Bake Off and that's me sorted for the evening.  Good luck trying to shift me off the couch!

At the autumn press show in Penneys a while back, Joanne and I fell in love with a little copper lantern that they'd decorated with LED lights and knew we had to have them.  So we went into Penneys each and every week until we found them.  And before you think we sound mad altogether going in every week, you know how quickly things come and go from Penneys and you can't be waiting around!

We found the copper lantern for €10 and the battery operated LED lights for €6 and together they're perfection!  It took about ten minutes or so to feed the lights in and around the wire bits of the lantern and once I switched it on for the first time, the cosiness took over!

At the moment I have it in my office but it would look lovely in a bedroom or a living room.  Think of it on a side table or on a bookshelf or even on a floating shelf...  And what makes it even more gorgeous is that the wiring of the lights is copper too, so it blends in with the lantern itself, meaning it looks fabulous with the lights off too.

To amp up the cosiness even more, I bought these white paper garland lights with gold glittery accents which look beautiful during the day and all...  See?  White and gold, one of my favourite combinations ever and I'm a bit closer to having my Kate Spade inspired office.

But at night.... They give off the warmest, softest glow and there's something really calming about them that I can't explain.  They give off loads of light and I think I'm going to pick up a couple more sets next time I'm in Penneys.  I think they were either €8 or €10, but either way, they are beautiful and have amped up the cosy factor big time!

Are you a fan of all things cosy and twinkly or am I a bridie obsessed by myself?!

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