Monday, September 19, 2016

Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum review!

I know I'm on to a good autumn fragrance if when I smell it, it makes me want to throw on a cosy jumper and wrap myself up in in a scarf.  Well, the first time I had a whiff of Giorgio Armani's Si Le Parfum, I wanted to autumn-ify everything.  My house, myself, my food, my everything!  I'm talking lash on all the twinkly lights, root out every candle I own, take out the slow cooker and make a comforting stew, colour coordinate my scarves for easy access every morning.  Yes, this perfume has made me go autumn mad and I am obsessed with it...

Si La Parfum

Si Le Parfum is everything I want and love in a scent for this time of the year.  Notes include blackcurrant, amber, bergamot, vanilla, incense and patchouli and before you think that this makes it sound very dense and heavy for a perfume, it isn't.  I know that's very vague but this is me trying to describe a perfume without making grunting noises!

It's a really rich, creamy, smooth scent that wraps you up and makes you want to find someone and snuggle into them.  It doesn't matter who.  I'm thinking Aidan Turner and am hoping that the more I wear this, he may come to me and we shall live happily ever after The End.   And you can look at our wedding photos and remember this day and think "Ah, I was there when their love affair happened".

Si La Parfum

I wore this a couple of weekends ago when the weather cooled off a bit, then Ireland became hotter than the sun and I couldn't wear it because I was confusing myself with it feeling like summer but actually being autumn, but now that it's back to normal, I'm hitting it big time and have brought it into work so everyone can give it a go and we all smell fabulous.  I also brought it to an event last week and had one of my fellow perfume obsessive blogger pals Andreea give it a go.  Needless to say, it passed her test and tweeted me later that night to say she smelled her arm the whole way home!

Si La Parfum

Now, it is spendy at €140 and I was sent it, but hand on heart, the scent lasts for hours and hours, so you won't have to ration it.  It's available now exclusively from Brown Thomas and I'm happy to let you all have a whiff if I'm out and about because I bring it everywhere with me.

I can't compare it to previous Si fragrances as I've never tried any of them, so my advice is to head to Brown Thomas, give this a whiff and then stop by Penneys on the way home to pick up twinkly lights and scarves.  You now know what I'll be smelling like between now and Christmas lads!


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