Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger review!

Ok, I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'll never look anything like Gigi Hadid unless I walk around with the outside of this perfume box using the face swap filter from Snapchat.  I'll never be able to wear teeny leather trousers like her.  No, I'd be Ross from Friends with the lotion and the powder, making myself a pair of paste pants.  But thanks to the launch of Tommy Hilfiger The Girl, I'll at least be able to smell like her!

Who remembers Tommy Girl from back in the day?  Did you know that launched 20 years ago?  So when I was like 5.... Ahem... Shhh.  Gigi Hadid was probably only a twinkle in her mammy's eye back then...  And now she's the inspiration behind and the face of The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.  The bottle is the same shape as Tommy Girl (one of my first fancy perfumes way back when) and this time it has a blue logo and red anchor to go with the nautical vibes of the ad campaign.

Now when I smell this, I can see how it reflects her "optimistic attitude, confidence and effortlessly cool style" because it's a really uplifting, bright and easy to wear fragrance.  It isn't overpowering, hasn't caused the girls at work to ask me what in the jaysis am I wearing and is one I'll be wearing for months.  When I wear it, I feel cooler like Gigi but I will give you an elbow in the face if you try to lift me up on the street.  Boom.

The top notes of green pear, violet leaf and green fig leaves is fresh and crisp before the heart notes of jasmine petals and silky muguet take over when it settles on the skin.  Warm base notes of cedarwood and casherman finish off the fragrance and all I'm missing is a cosy off the shoulder jumper, tousled hair and my transformation to Gigi is fully complete.

This partnership is such a good fit and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with together.

The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is on counters now and prices are really reasonable (Christmas gifts perhaps?!).  30ml is €25, 50ml is €35 and 100ml is €46.   Obsessed!

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