Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ultimate chats #2 - a few goals for this year!

People, we're halfway through February already!   True to form, January was the longest month ever in life, went on for a good 2 years, but we got here in one piece.  Usually in January I do an aul new year's resolutions post, but just wasn't feeling it this time.  I like setting goals for myself throughout the year, but there's nothing like a fresh start with to get your motivational juices flowing!  Here are a few things I want to achieve in 2017 and won't be the end of the world if I don't.

I want to find the blog/life balance

Lots of you will already know that I work full time and the blogging, filming and social media stuff is all done in my free time.  Last year was a mad one in terms of deadly things I was able to do, but I used up a lot of annual leave on blogging things.  This was grand and all because I was having fun, but it felt like I'd not much time off for myself just to relax.  I felt like I was on the go all the time.  This year I'm going to be very careful about what I use my annual leave for.  If I'm doing bloggy things and have to take days off work for them, they have to be super cool, be a deadly campaign I'm working on or help benefit the blog in some way.

I want to read more books

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and am loving it.  I always said I'd never get one because Dad used to be a bookbinder and instilled in me a love of proper real books.  But with Mam moving in, I'm low on space, so I thought this would be a great way to read more and not take up precious space in the house.  I absolutely love it and can't wait to bring it away with me when I travel and not have to take up precious suitcase space with books!  I spend so much time on computers at work and at home and the same goes for my phone.  You know yourself how hard it is to get out of the cycle of checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, so this is a nice way for me to unwind in the evenings.

I want to learn more things

I've a couple of things in mind, but I love learning new stuff.  I started brush lettering last year and want to continue that.  I'd love to do a flower arranging course as my idea of arranging flowers is cutting off the plastic from a bouquet and plonking them in the vase.  There are a couple of computery related courses I'd like to do as well, so the plan is to find some that fit into my schedule and get cracking.  Maybe I'll even do a Spanish course!  You never know what can come out of learning something new!  I'm off to the Dublin Tech Summit and can't wait to come away inspired and ready to put what I learn into action.

I want to redecorate my office (again)

A couple of years ago, I went wild in Ikea and bought all the things.  I love the set up of it now, but need to rejig things a bit so it's more functional.  Because we got new windows all through the house, the wallpaper on that wall has been torn down and it looks manky.  I've got my eye on a gorgeous wallpaper that I can't stop thinking about so I think when spring hits and the house isn't freezing, I'm going to fix 'er up.  I've lots of ideas and you know when you don't know what style you're going to settle on and end up with a mix of everything?  Totes gonna happen to me.

I want to experiment with different blog posts and videos

With a saturated market like beauty blogging, it's hard to stand out and be different.  Quite often, I'll try something new on the blog and social media platforms, only to see the same type of thing crop up elsewhere.  Or if I snap about something, the next day it'll appear on someone's blog.  So I'm always trying to think one step ahead.  I get bored seeing the same stuff on everyone's feed, so it's important for me to be different, but still keep my own voice.  I've got some ideas up my sleeve and am going to be trying out new things, seeing if they work, and reevaluate.  I want to have a mix of beauty, lifestyle and funny videos and posts and I'm enjoying writing chatty posts like these ones.  I want to focus on having my social platforms be different.  So Instagram won't have any gas memes anymore even though they always do well and crack me up!  It's going to be a place for my luffly photos and the fun stuff will be over on Facebook.  I don't use Twitter that much anymore so won't be forcing myself to use it.  Snapchat will be a grand mix of beauty chats and craic and the same will go for YouTube.  Trying to keep all of the platforms on the go while working full time and trying to blog as well is hard but sure listen, I'm going to give it a go!

I want to up my game so hard with my photography

With the new member of my camera family, I'm enjoying taking photos again more than ever.  I feel inspired and love being creative when it comes to mixing products, props and flowers of course!  I really want to develop my own style when it comes to my photos and would love for someone to see one and know I took it.  I died and came back from the dead the other day when Lisa Eldridge liked my photo on Instagram and I've had such lovely comments from people saying that they're enjoying my photos and again, I have lots of ideas of what I want to do with it.  Maybe I'll learn how to use all the features on the camera, or maybe I'll just keep plodding along on the auto settings!  I'd love to work with brands in a photography sense, creating images for them, but I've a lot of practicing to do!

I want to be more aware of my spending

I bought this cute budget book before Christmas and got one for Joanne too.  I've been writing down everything I spend into it and it's working out great!  It's kind of like when you do a food tracker and write down everything you eat, except every euro is made note of.  I'm loving it so far and I think it's helped me get through January in one piece financially and is why I was able to buy the two new Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.  I'm doing little things to help like stopping buying food at work and this helps me save but also not eat bold things at lunch time!  Being more aware of my spending is definitely an eye opener, but hopefully by the end of the year, I'll have my credit card and at least half of my car paid off.  That's the mission.  It's going to be an expensive year with three weddings and a couple of holidays, but it'll be grand.  I have my budget book!

Have you made any goals for the year?

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