Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CND Rhythm & Heat Collection photos, swatches!


I'm still in my winter coat, so spring hasn't quite sprung for me yet, but I'm hoping some new polishes will help me forget that I'm still chilly on the willy.  Three of the six shades available from CND's Rhythm & Heat Collection arrived in the letterbox for me to play with and not a moment too soon.  And yes, I got a bit arty party with the photos!

Sugar Cane is a minty pistachio green shade that makes me crave mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Funny that eh?  I could've craved a healthy green smoothie but no, ice cream all the way.  Two coats gives a nicely opaque finish that's bright and spring appropriate.  Now, be back in a second while I locate me some ice cream ok bye.

Shells in the sand is a peachy polish of joy!  It's got a sheer formula though, kind of like a jelly polish that's see through instead of being creamy and opaque.  I applied two coats for the photos but could've done three for maximum opacity.  With the two coats, I could kind of see my nails through parts of it, but as I said, the third coat would've fixed that right up.  This shade would be gorgeous with a tan, so I'll have to learn how to put fake tan on properly and then I'll be sorted.

Splash of Teal isn't a shade I'd usually reach for but this one is stunning!  It's rich, bright and vibrant, all the things I'd like to be myself.... Two coats of this jewel toned beauty gave me full opacity on the nails and of the three shades, this was my favourite on.  It's the most forgiving of the three meaning because it's darker and more pigmented, mistakes are less obvious, unless you forget you've polish on and need to go to the loo or need to scratch yourself.  That gets me every time!

I've spoken so many times about the Vinylux range and how much I love the Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.  It's one of two polish collections that I can get a full week out of before chipping begins and that's unheard of for me!

The CND Vinylux polishes and top coat are €11.95 each and you can find your nearest stockist at and it's available on too!


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