L’Occitane Terre de Lumiere review – a delicious summer fragrance!


Golden hour is my favourite time of the day in the summer months.  You know that time in the evening where the sun’s low in the sky and makes everything look gorgeous.  If you’re wearing highlight on the aul cheekbones, it looks even better, so for that little while in the evening, get taking selfies because you are going to be even ride-ier.  This is an absolute fact.  Ok, I made that fact up, but trust me, golden light is your friend.  L’Occitane released a fragrance a few months ago, Terre de Lumiere and as soon as they sent it, I had this photo in mind in this location.  I knew it was going to have to come to Spain with me because where golden light is lovely and all, Spanish golden light is just magical!

If your Leaving Cert French is a bit on the rusty side, Terre de Lumiere means land of light.  It’s inspired by golden hour in Provence and I think I’m going to have to visit there if this is what it smells like.  Terre de Lumiere is L’Occitane’s first gourmand fragrance with edible notes including honey and almond.  Now don’t go around licking yourself with the notions of these edible notes, they just mean you’ve got yourself a really rich, warm, enveloping scent that’s perfect for lashing on before heading out on a balmy summer’s evening. It’s described as having zesty top notes of bergamot, ambrette seed and pink pepper but I have to admit, my nose seems to bypass these and focuses on the heart of lavender honey before the warm musky base notes of acacia flower, tonka bean and bitter almond essence seals the deal and rounds up this stunning fragrance.  They released it at the start of February but to me, this is the perfect summer evening scent that served us all well when we were in Spain last week! Terre de Lumiere is in shops now and it’s well worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new summer scent.  Prices start at €65 for 50ml and €89 for 90ml, so both are hand luggage friendly!  I wish I could describe this properly and do it justice so what I’ll say is go into your closest L’Occitane shop, give it a whiff and see why I waited three months to review it so it could have its own photoshoot on location!



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