Tuesday, July 11, 2017

L'Occitane Verbena Limited Edition collection - just in time for summer!


So summer is here and with it comes the constant humidity... I have frizzy hair to an extent that I'm this close to doing a Monica from Friends with it and getting it braided with millions of beads and then loafing the face off myself with them like you do.  Every pore in my body is sweating and I count down the hours to a nice cool shower each day.  Thankfully L'Occitane's Verbena Limited Edition Collection is on hand to help me keep cool and smell gorgeous.

I was sent two of the products from the collection, the others being a shower gel and a hand cream, so head to toe deliciousness.  The Frappe Body Cream is €24 and has a really light texture with a lemony sweet scent and gives a nice cooling effect to the skin.  It absorbs quickly which is mucho importante because waiting for your body cream to soak into the skin while you're already roasting again is never fun times.  This leaves my skin feeling moisturised and smelling good enough to eat, or lick.  Don't lick me though lads.  That'd be weird.

The Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars are €26 and have less of a sweet lemon scent compared to the body cream.  This has more of a proper citrus lemon whiff about it.  It's the type of scrub I'd use all over my body to give me a light exfoliation and it's not packed to the rafters of scrubby bits which can sometimes be too harsh on my skin.  It's not the type of scrub you'd use to try to take tan off, but rather one you'd use casually in the shower before heading out or after a sweaty day and want to use it more often than a harsher one.  You know what I mean.  It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight and that combined with the Body Frappe, well it's the closest I'll get to being on holiday with Joanne and Will with their lemon sorbets and all things limoncello....  The jealousy I have is real lads.

Fans of lemon, you're going to love this.  The Verbena collection is out now and while it's still summer, get yourself to your local L'Occitane shop!

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