Monday, August 21, 2017

YSL Makeup Collection for Autumn 2017!

When I think of an autumn collection, I think of really warm shades, rich hues and all the things to help me create a smoky eye.  Yeah YSL have totally not done that at all this autumn and yet I love the products they sent from their Fall Look.  Can we get away with saying fall in Ireland?  I think I need to make it a thing because I can't say the word "autumn" without adding a few more num num nums to the end of it.  Say it.  Autumnumnum.

Anyway, check out these beauts that I've been playing with recently and as always, I got me some thoughts.

I put it all on my face together to see how it worked and loved how cohesive it all was.  I feel like it's a gorgeous spring time look, or maybe even a festive daytime look.  I won't say the C word yet, but sparkles on the eyes and nails scream twinkly lights and tinsel.

The High Voltage Hit Couture Hologram Powder €28 is tres matchy matchy avec le nail polish in No 54 Studio Silver €25 and if you can't go about your life matching your eyelids to your nails, have a word with yourself.  The shadow is one of those loose pigments that's pressed down into the pot with a little plastic cap.  Be aware that if you're balancing it on something to take a photo and knock off it, sending it crashing to the floor, you'll see how loose it is.  It can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks and while I do have Shine Bright Like A Diamond tendencies, it's too much for my cheeks.  Dabbed in the centre of the bottom lip is as wild as I'll go with this, but for the eyes, it's glittery, shimmery perfection.   Teamed with the couture eyeliner in the shade 05 Burgundy €31 it's a polished look and sure listen, liner always tames down the glitter so it's grand!

Also sent for me to try was The Shock Waterproof mascara €28 and I'll hold my hands up and didn't realise for a full week that this was waterproof.  I should've known by the thinner formula.  I should've known by the grand amount of length and curl it gave but not as much volume as I'd like.  And I should've known from it not budging at all with my regular Micellar water.  I mean it.  I couldn't understand why it stayed put like nothing else I've ever put on my lashes!  If you're in the market for a high end mascara that doesn't flake or smudge, and if length and curl is more important to you than volume, then it's worth checking out.  I love me some thick lashes so this mascara was a miss for me.

While statement lips are grand for filming, I haven't been able to venture outside the house wearing something bold on my lips.  And it's shades like the Rouge Volupte Shine in No 61 Nu Impulsif that has my name written all over them.  This shade is actually called Nu Karen Impulsif because it's semi sheer with a dusky pink tinge to it, has a glossy finish and has joined the ranks in the handbag as the perfect every day shade.  It's basically me in lip product form.  I love the formula of these and while they don't stay on the lips for too long being so slippy and shiny, I ain't mad at them.  I'll actually finish this one very soon, mark my words!

The YSL autumn collection is on counters now and can we just take a second again for the nail polish in the last photo.  As soon as I put it on, I immediately thought of "Frost yourself" from How to lose a guy in 10 days!  I haven't seen that film in years and have no idea where the reference came from, but isn't it sparkly and frosty?!  Also, put a top coat over it because it dries to a matte gritty finish that I've thoroughly enjoyed picking off over the last week and a bit.

Did anything take your fancy or are you holding out for the warm shades this autumnumnum?

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