Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ellis Faas Lights E302 Green Gold photos, swatches, review!

Ok shut up but gold on my eyelids makes me yearn for Christmas.  I know.  I'm a madser.  Now this wasn't the reason why I bought the Ellis Faas Lights back in June when I was on a trip to London.  I'm not that mad!  But it was love at first swatch.  Shade E302 Green Gold stole my heart (and my money) while having a browse in a little shop down a side street of London and I love when little gems like this just appear in your life.  I bought this without any research or reading any reviews and while that's always a gamble for me, it paid off this time!  Metallic gold liquid eyeshadow anyone?

I remember first learning about Ellis Faas years ago in one of the Pixiwoo videos and was intrigued at the shape of the tube and then promptly forgot all about them until now.  The tube itself is nice and weighty and it would want to be at £26.  The end part twists around, allowing the product to come out through the brush at the top, like the YSL Touche Eclat.

Now, it takes a good amount of twisting for the product to come out to begin with.  We're talking a fair few rotations and a touch of carpel tunnel syndrome.  Then the inevitable happens each time where a boatload of product comes out of the top, way too much for my beady little eyes and I end up wasting loads of this liquid gold.  I could go slowly with twisting the end of the tube, but then it takes ages to get any product out.  I'm still trying to get the knack of it, but I usually forget all about it once I start applying it and then all is forgiven...

There is no coping for how much I love this stuff.  The intensity of the gold is insane with not one bit of patchiness and while there's a good bit of playtime with it before it sets, allowing the edges to be blended, when this dries, it does not budge.  It can be sheered out using a blending brush or packed on, increasing the colour payoff even more.  When I lash on a decent layer of it, I find I have to either keep my eyes closed or keep looking down until it dries, just to stop any transfer above the crease.  It sounds a bit faffy but ohhhh it's worth it.  It dries to a really smooth finish with no stickiness or tackiness and stays put for hours and hours.

This will 100% be used up by Christmas, mainly because I love it loads and it'll make for a really easy festive eye, but also because of the wasting of the product when trying to get it out of the tube.  But I'm going to work on that.  I don't think it's available in Ireland at the moment, but if you're feeling fancy, it's £26 on the Selfridges website and I kind of want the bronze one too.... I know..  I'm thinking it would be fierce autumnal wouldn't it?


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