Thursday, October 12, 2017

Clarins & Arthritis Ireland

**This post is in collaboration with Clarins.  Our fee for creating content to help raise awareness for the campaign is proudly being donated to Arthritis Ireland**

This is a different post today and one I really wanted to get right.  Regular readers will know I'm a huge fan of Clarins and have to fight Mam off whenever I'm sent any of their skincare to test out!  This time she's happy to share with me (phew!) and that's because this is something very meaningful to us.

Clarins have teamed up with Arthritis Ireland for a campaign to raise money for research and asked if we'd like to help raise awareness for it.  It's something that's very close to our hearts and once Joanne was on board, we gave it everything in our guts to make this a really special campaign.

You might not know, but Joanne was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was 16.  She's had her ups and downs with it over the last 21 years, having to undergo a hip replacement when she was 25, followed by an operation on her big toe to help regain movement in it.  She never ever let it get her down and coped like an absolute machine over the years.  She didn't complain despite being in constant pain, having to get steroid injections into her hip and toe, being on strong painkillers, anti inflammatories and immunosuppressants.  She carried on her full time job as normal, refusing to give in to the arthritis and now you know why we call her Robo Jojo!  She bleeps every time she goes through the metal detector at the airport and has to explain to the security team about her hip replacement which always has them remarking on how young she looks (she's been asked at a hospital appointment in recent years if she was heading back to school after her appointment!).

One year we went to New York on holidays and her knees were giving her awful trouble, swelling so much to the point where she couldn't sit down without having to have her legs up.  I think she totally took advantage of me on that holiday allowing me to hold all of her shopping bags!   When we got home, she had to have the fluid drained from her knees with a big needle which she says nearly made her pass out.  She's always been the type to just get on with things and has done her utmost to not let it affect her life as best she can.  Thankfully since having those operations, she's not had much trouble with her joints which is a blessing.

There are over 100 forms of arthritis with almost a million people in Ireland suffering with it.  It can affect all ages from babies to toddlers, all the way up to adults.  For some people, it can be debilitating, having a major effect on their quality of life.  Simple things like using a key to unlock a door or making a cup of tea can prove to be difficult and for Joanne,  she still finds it difficult to take off boots that are too tight on her and tormented Will for buying a car with a floor that was raised, making it hard for her to get in and out of it as she doesn't have a lot of movement in her hip.  He's since sold the car and now she has no excuse not to learn how to drive!  Vroom vroom Robo Jojo!

This is where you come in lads.  For every bottle of Tonic Body Treatment Oil sold, Clarins will make a donation to Arthritis Ireland to help raise funds for research to help treat this disease.   The oil is absolutely gorgeous and in a teaser photo I uploaded to Instagram last week, so many women said they used it on their bumps when they were pregnant and loved it!   Now it doesn't help with the symptoms of arthritis itself, but knowing that you're getting to treat yourself and do something nice for others is always a bonus!

We're so proud to have worked on this campaign and we hope it helps raise funds for those suffering with this disease.  You can also donate directly on the Arthritis Ireland website.

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