Monday, October 2, 2017

New! Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks for autumn 2017!

I always feel like I'm repeating myself when I talk about the Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks because every time I write about them, I always say that they're one of my all time favourite lip products and it's true.  They're some of the most moisturising, pigmented lipsticks I've ever tried and I've tested out my fair share of lipsticks in my time!

Clarins have launched three new shades for autumn and I love how they haven't gone down the traditional plum/berry route with their shades.  I'll go through the whole autumn range from Clarins soon, but I felt these needed their own post because look at 'em, aren't they gorgeous?

Shade 754 - Deep Red

Can you even cope with this red?  The answer is "No Karen, no I can't cope ok bye".  Deep Red is actually more of true red with blue undertones and despite still being terrified to wear red outside of the house, this one is very much me.  I found when I was wearing it around the house that it did bleed a bit at the corners of my mouth when I was talking, but nothing that a lip liner wouldn't fix.  The colour payoff is intense with this shade and if you're fed up with matte lips and want a juicy looking red, then check this one out.

Shade 755 - Litchi

Now you know I'm not a big pink lover when it comes to lipsticks,but Litchi is a dusky pink, almost a tea rose shade that's really flattering on my skin tone.  It's a lovely everyday shade, is tres work appropriate and is pink without being too pink.  Listen, I'm very picky when it comes to my pinks!  Again, this shade takes minimal effort to get an opaque finish and the less faffing about I have to do with my lipsticks, the better.

Shade 756 - Guava

Ah Guava, you would've been my go to summer lip shade if you'd been launched a bit earlier!  This warm peachy coral is what Clarins do best.  Pretty much every season, they'll launch a shade that was made for me and yes, that's usually peach or coral but shut up, these are my shades!  This is a colour that instantly gives my complexion a lift and if I'm having a minimal makeup type of a day, the injection of a pop of colour on the lips makes it look like I've made a bit of an effort!

These autumn lipsticks from Clarins are on counters now and I dare you to swatch them on the back of your hand and come away empty handed!  €24 is the damage for each shade and if you suffer with dry lips like myself, you're going to love the formula.

Think you'll be checking these out?

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