Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Stila Eye For Elegance Liquid Eyeshadow set review, swatches, makeup look!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas  the time where we can wear all the glitter we want all the time and not be judged at all ok bye. And I'm not even waiting until December either, so there!  I love glitter.  I really do and if it's not on my nails, it's on my eyes and all bets are off when the festive season hits.  Or when it's a Tuesday evening and I'm in my fleece, hun bun and full glitter on the eyeballs.

I bought the Stila Eye For Elegance Liquid Eyeshadow Set when it was 20% off on the Stila website, thanks to my Stila loving pal Mags who gave me the heads up!

The set contains six liquid eyeshadows, three shimmery and three glittery.  The collection was made for those of us who want to shine bright like an absolute diamond and while the tubes themselves are teeny tiny at just 2.25ml, it's a nice way to try out a few shades from the whole range all at once.

I always have to prime my eyes no matter what I use and with primed lids, none of the shimmery shades crease, none of the glittery shades flake on me and they're mainly a joy to use.  I'd a couple of small issues but I'll go into them more below.  Let's look at the shades in more detail shall we?

Kitten is a bright champagne shade with ever so slight pink undertones in the tube, but it translates as more of a gold champagne on me.  It's a great shade for the wash of colour all over the lid on days when I want to look alive!  Way back in the day, Kitten was the first ever Stila eyeshadow I bought and I still have it in its cardboard packaging.  It's lovely to have a liquid version of it now and this is a breeze to use.  It's opaque despite it's thin consistency and blends easily too.

Grace is a beautiful mid toned bronze that I can see myself finishing first out of all six shades and it's one I'd buy the full size of too.  I found it applied easily and evenly, giving me time to blend the edges.  This is my perfect shade for every day use, makes a fab base for two of the glittery shades and I just love it, the end.
Twig is a stunning deep red toned brown that I'm still getting to grips with.  I like to use it on the outer half of my lids to add a bit of drama to my eye look.  I found that this was the hardest to blend and I struggled to make the edges look softened without blending it away.  That being said, I'll keep working at it because look at that swatch, it's too beautiful to just leave!  Maybe this is a shade I need to not blend, and just let it set the way it is.  I don't know. Sure we'll give it a go!

Peachy Sheen is the sheerest of all six shades and while I wouldn't wear it on its own, it makes for a nice glittery topcoat or an inner corner highlight.  It looks beautiful over Kitten and Grace because of its sheer base and the glitter just enhances those shades.  If you want twinkles on your eyeballs, this is the one for you!

Smouldering Satin is my favourite of the glitter shades.  I'd wear this on its own or layered over Kitten or Grace.  With it's bronze base and silver glitter, it's the perfect balance of a warm and cool shadow.  Obsessed.  It's the most opaque of the three glitters and I was happy it didn't flake on me at all.

Next to Notte is a green eyeballed person's dream!  It's the only shade I didn't use in the look below but I know I'll have it in rotation come December.  It's got a semi sheer red/pink base packed full of pink glitter that just fills my heart with twinkly happiness!  Stand by for a look featuring this shade people.
I filmed this look and will have it on YouTube soon, but it's the look I've worn a few times in videos and online and have had people ask what I used.  As you'll see in the video, I applied a bronzer into the crease, used Grace on the inner half of the eyelid and Twig on the outer half and into the crease.  I applied Smouldering Satin over Grace, applied Twig under the outer half under the lower lashes, Kitten to the inner half under the lower lashes, covering it with Peachy Sheen.

Right now, this set is out of stock everywhere but keep your eyes peeled on the likes of Asos and the Stila website because this is a little gem of a gift set!


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