Thursday, November 30, 2017

YSL All Hours primer, foundation & concealer review!

Now that the weather has turned, so has my love of a dewy glow all over my visage.  I've been reaching for the more matte foundations in my collection, happy out to save the highlight and dewy bits for the likes of my cheekbones.

I was sent the YSL All Hours foundation along with the matching concealer and primer to test out and I've been putting it through its paces over the last few weeks!

Starting off with the YSL All Hours Primer (€38).  Now, if truth be told, I don't reach for primers regularly, just when I'm going out for the night and want my makeup to stay in place.  But for reviewing purposes, I've been making the effort to use this with a whole heap of different foundations, just to see how it fared.  With its watery texture, a little goes a long way and while it doesn't fill in my pores too much, it helps reduce the appearance of them a bit.  Mainly it mattifies my skin nicely without leaving it feeling powdery or dry.  Despite promising to keep the shine at bay, my nose still glistens by about lunch time with this.  I've tried better mattifying primers in the past, so I'd get a sample of this before shelling out €38 if you're someone with oily bits on your mush.

Now, as you know, when I'm reviewing foundations, I try them with a couple of foundation brushes and my makeup sponge of choice, just so I can get a feel for the formula.  Because this has a thicker texture than a lot of foundations in my collection, I find that my sponge seems to absorb a lot of the product and the same goes for my brushes.  I end up having to go back for another pump or two and this is an expensive base at €42, so I've been using something to apply it that I haven't used in ages - my fingers!  One pump applied with my fingers gives me a light to medium level of coverage for the day and I definitely think the warmth of my fingers helps the product go even further.  Sometimes I'll go back in with a tiny bit more on my cheeks as I've a good bit of redness going on there and if there's anything left on my fingers, I'll pat it into my nose.  I find rubbing the foundation on dryer patches can help exaggerate the look of them.

Despite me having an oily t-zone, my nose can be a bit flaky from time to time.  It's not too obvious at all without any makeup on, but if I use a matte foundation like this one and the flakage is happening, it's a hot mess.  Actually, it's just a mess.  So if you've dry skin, this isn't the foundation for you because it will cling to any patches.  Once I press the product onto my skin, without dragging it too much, it applies flawlessly, looking just like skin.  Shade B20 is a perfect match for my skin tone once it dries down and I find that while it goes on initially looking a bit pale for me, it oxidises slightly on me, matching my complexion perfectly.

I can usually get to lunch time, so six hours after initial application, before the shiny schnoz makes an appearance and if I powder my face in the morning, I can get another couple of hours on top of that before the shine takes over.  So despite it's "All Hours" name, on me, I definitely need to touch up my face by home time if I'm heading out after work.  That being said, it's a gorgeous foundation for the normal to oily skinned!

The YSL All Hours Concealer (€34) is a beaut.  If you've watched any of my makeup demo videos on YouTube, you'll notice that I don't use concealers regularly because a) I forget, b) I don't worry too much about my under eyes and they're not that dark really and c) there are only two that I like and that don't dry out the skin under my eyes.  Now I have another one to add to the collection.  Shade 2 is quite yellow toned as you can see in the photos above and it does a great job of brightening my under eyes.  If you've dark circles, try a slightly warmer shade that will counteract the blueness.  I use my fingers to pat this into the skin and it's fab!

So tell me this, what's your current go to base this winter?  Will you be trying out these bits from YSL?

**This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using them, I'll get a small commission.  We're talking teeny tiny!  You're absolutely under no obligation to use the links, just have a google for the products mentioned in the post!**


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