Thursday, January 18, 2018

January Moi Meme Box – Review!

New Year, New Subscription box!  As you may remember, I had signed up to My Little Box in November, a monthly lifestyle and beauty subscription box.  As soon as I got my first box, I received an email to say they weren't doing any more boxes - typical!!  I spent the next few weeks researching different lifestyle boxes and eventually I settled on the Moi-Meme box.  This is a quarterly subscription box, costing £49.99.  So every 3 months you will receive a box with at least 5 full size products.  After looking at past boxes and being impressed,  I parted with £49.99 and waited for January to come.

I was so excited when I received my email from Parcel Motel to say it was ready for collection.  The first thing I loved was how the box had my name inside!  It's the little things, eh?  When I opened the box it was jam packed full of goodies.  The theme of this box was the Happiness Box and it definitely made me happy!  What better way to start the new year!

The first item I saw was Lola's Apothecary Relaxing Wellness Tea.  I'll admit this was my least favourite item in my box.  I'm not a fancy tea person but I'll definitely give it a go some day when I need to chill out a bit more.  Maybe I'll be converted?  Who knows!  Next was an adorable J mug from Lisa Angel.  Again I'm just loving the personal touches.  The mug is worth £9 and the colour may vary depending on what letter you are.  I loved that they gave a mug to go with the tea.

What else would go lovely with a cuppa?  A bar of Creighton's Salted Caramel Chocolate.  How amazing does that sound!  I have to say I'm a sucker for packaging and I love how pretty this looks.

This book would be perfect with the cuppa and some salted caramel chocolate; Lagom - The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life.  This book is totally something I would want but I would never buy myself, so to receive it in the box is perfect.  It goes through so many things such as Lagom gifts, or ways to prepare your mind for bedtime, just different suggestions to bring balance and happiness into your life.

This grey and rose gold bracelet also from Lisa Angel is just gorgeous.  It's exactly my taste too as it's so dainty.  I've been wearing it since I opened the box and I love it.

How gorgeous is this bath oil from Prismologie.  This is a restorative oil with bonatical extracts, jade micro-crystals and vetiver fragrance to help smooth, renew and moisturise skin.  This is a full size and costs £43, which I could it was expensive as it comes in a fancy glass bottle and smells divine.  If I could make the picture a "scratch n sniff" I would!

And finally, what any happiness box would need - a Happiness Planner!  I've seen so many people on Instagram, Snapchat, basically any form of social media with a Happiness Planner and again, it's something I've wanted but would never think to buy myself.  This is a 100 page Happiness Planner, so it's not something you need to start in January, you can start it any time you want.  It's something I want to use to set out some goals for myself and see in 100 days if I'm closer to these goals, as well as start being more positive and focusing on that.

After reading through the little brochure that comes with the box, explaining each item, there is a section at the back letting you know if you  don't like something or you would prefer a different colour or flabour you can return the item for an exchange.  That's such a great idea which makes it even better value for money.

As soon as I finished going through this January box and sending Karen a million pics of everything I received, I immediately got excited for the April box.  I just loved it!

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