Monday, January 8, 2018

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation review, before & after photos!

Regular readers of the blog will know that second to mascara, trying out budget foundations is one of my favourite things to do as a makeup lover.  I only have a couple of high end ones in my collection that I reach for, but my heart lies with budget friendly bases!  I love seeing what bargains are to be had and seeing which ones can outperform the more spendy ones.  I was sent the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation before Christmas and with the busy festive season, I'm only getting around to putting my thoughts on the blog now, so apologies!

Before we go anywhere, I'd like to know where they got the 25 hour claim from?  Who sat in a boardroom and said "Listen Sharon, we're doing a new breathable foundaysh, it's going to have a massive wand the size of your finger to slather it on, and we're thinking 18 hours wear, what do you think?"  Only for Sharon to reply "I like what you're saying, massive wand, slather slather, but wait, I've got it... Let's make it last 25 hours.  So when some bridie is applying it at 6am on a Monday morning, she'll still be looking great at 7am on Tuesday morning.  25 hours.  Foundation gold!"

Back to the applicator.  I'm in two minds when it comes to it because it's massive.  It does a great job at applying the formula, and a couple of dunks into the bottle dispenses enough to cover my face.  Speaking of dunking, be careful taking the wand out of the bottle as the formula has a tendency to drip a bit.  I keep finding drops of it on my top, but that could be just me, messy AF.  Now if you're a stickler for hygiene, dipping the wand in and out as you're applying it to the face might give you the heebie jeebies.  I always prefer a bottle with a pump, so I have to dock it a point for not having one.

The glass bottle makes it less appealing for me to bring it travelling or carry in my makeup bag, but Rimmel love their glass buideals so they do.  Coming in a very decent 14 shades, I've been using shade 100 Ivory, the second lightest shade.  It matches my complexion perfectly but it has a tendency to oxidise slightly on me, but not enough to make me switch to the lighter shade.

The photo above shows the before and after with just one layer of the foundation.  It gives a light to medium level of coverage on me and I prefer applying it with a buffing brush over a beauty sponge.  I think the sponge soaks up too much of it but if you want a lighter level of coverage, you bounce your sponge on your mush like a good child.

Because of the really watery texture, it layers beautifully on my skin.  And when I say layers beautifully, I mean it sets quickly and I can apply more where I need it and blending it in doesn't move or shift the first layer.  This winter I'm having a few issues with dryness around my nose but this doesn't cling to any dry patches or enhance said dryness.  It sits beautifully on and just looks like skin.  After it sets, I don't need to powder right away, but by lunch time, if I haven't powdered, my nose is shiny.  But I'm a creature of habit and usually powder anyway in the morning just to be sure to be sure.  This also doesn't settle in my fine lines and boy do I have a good few of them these days...

Above you can see what one layer looks like on the left and two layers on the right.  Even with the two layers, it's not full coverage, but evens out my complexion to give a really natural finish.  For me, it's a really lovely everyday foundation for days where my skin is in decent shape anyway and I just want to even things out.  I don't think I'll be able to hit the 25 hour mark, but it still looks great 10 hours after I apply it and that's good enough for me!

I think this would be a good one for most skin types.  Oily folk like myself might just want to powder the shiny bits in the morning.  It's €10.99 and it's a pretty decent offering from Rimmel!


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