Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vera Wang Embrace collection!

When Vera Wang fragrances come through the letterbox, you abandon everything, have a proper whiff (obviously spraying each one on different parts of your body), enjoy how gorgeous you're smelling and then get to photographing them, something to do them justice.

Vera Wang's Embrace collection is described as being "Sophisticated.  Intimate.  Romantic."  And those words really do make me think of Vera Wang and everything she encapsulates.  I might never get the chance to wear one of her dresses but I can most definitely wear her perfumes!

The collection consists of three fragrances, each available in an Eau De Toilette version and a body mist.  So if you're someone who likes to delicately spritz a touch of a scent here and there like a lady, then the EDT has your back.  If you're someone who loves to spray the living jaysis out of a scent you love, starting from the neck, dousing your scarf liberally with said scent, spritzing a bit on your hair because reasons, spraying a mist of it in front of you and walking through it in a flourish, then the body mist is for you.  10 points for guessing which one I am...

Vera Wang Embrace Green Tea and Pear Blossom has top notes of pear blossom (I didn't know they did that), bergamot (my fave) and green tea with a heart of freesia, peony and orange blossom.  When it settles, the base has skin musk, cedar wood and sandalwood and all-round it's a beautiful spring time fragrance that makes me feel uplifted and delighted with life.  I'd wear this on a bright, crisp spring day and smell only lovely.

The Rosebuds and Vanilla scent has top notes of rose buds, mandarin oil and damascene rose, a heart of cyclamen, blue iris and sweet magnolia and a base of musk, vanilla and sandalwood.  I'm not usually a fan of rose based scents but I ain't mad at this one.  The rose doesn't overpower the rest of the notes and works to give a floral yet warm and almost comforting scent.  In saying that, this is the one I know I'll wear the least out of the three, but if you like your floral sweet scents, you might love this.

Finally we have the Periwinkle and Iris fragrance which is battling the Green Tea and Pear Blossom to become my favourite.  With top notes of bergamot, mandarin and violet petals, a heart of iris, blue jasmine and periwinkle and a base of vanilla, benzoin and whipped sugar, there's something about it that's almost powdery and I'd lash this on after having a bath or shower!  But I won't, because that would be weird.  But again, there's something really comforting about this scent and I love it.

The Vera Wang Embrace collection is available from this month and the eau de toilettes will set you back €30/30mls RRP and the body mist are €12/240mls RRP.  Now I haven't tested the longevity yet as I only got sent them today but stay tuned to my social media and I'm sure I'll report back!

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