Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New lip products from Charlotte Tilbury!

It's a good day when I get a delivery from Charlotte Tilbury, complete with balloons and on Valentine's Day too!  And she sure knows the way to my heart... I've loved every lip product I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury and her new offerings are no different on first impressions!

The Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service Trio (€84) has three lipsticks fit for a queen and after swatching them, I fell in love.  Royally.  And I think my favourite part is that each of the lipsticks in the bullets looked different actually on me.  You'll see in a second.

The collection has one existing shade and two new shades and two of the shades are Matte Revolutions and one is a KISSING lipstick.  I know that sounds very complicated, but I'll go through each one now.  First up, the existing shade.  The Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen looks red in the bullet and I was preparing myself for a London pillar box red when I applied it...

But on me, it is the most beautiful shade of pink...  I don't really wear pink shades, but this one... It's jewel toned, it's so flattering on me and while I'd usually give my pinks away, this one ain't going anywhere!  The Matte Revolution lipsticks are some of my favourite to wear and while they don't set dry, there's still a bit of movement to them which my dry lips love.

Next up is the KISSING Lipstick in The Duchess aka me in lipstick form.  Now this one looked like it was going to be a really dusky pink shade from looking at it in the bullet.  But on me, the peachiness took over and I love it!  The KISSING formula is really moisturising and has a glossy finish, right up my street altogether.

It was hard to get the true colour of it on camera as the sun kept going in and out, but in this light it looks peachy, almost caramel on me and it's a gorgeous "throw on with any look" kind of a shade.  I'm going to see if it looks different in other lighting and shall report back to you!

The final shade in the trio is the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Legendary Queen.  I'm not going to lie, I thought this was going to look really dark and brown on me from the look of the bullet, but like the other two shades, it didn't look at all like I thought it would on me!  This was the surprise of the trio, wait and see...

It's a true wine shade, is ridiculously wearable and if you don't fancy wearing a true red, maybe something like Legendary Queen might be worth checking out.  I absolutely love it and it's almost like a terracotta type of a red on me.  I'm going to get more wear out of it than I first thought now that it's not brown!

Charlotte has launched five new Lip Cheat Pencils and I can't wait to use these as I still love my Pillow Talk one.  I'll show them in an upcoming video so stay tuned for that.

Finally we have the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir.  This was part of a gift set recently and they've brought it out on its own.  If you like your vampy shades, you might want to check this out!

This is a really deep brown toned crimson shade on me and of all the four lipsticks in this blog post, it's the one that wasn't as flawless on me compared to the others.  It had a tendency to cling to dry patches when I applied it from the bullet, but as soon as I patted it in with my finger, it evened out.  But looking in the photo below, it still looks a bit patchy and uneven on me.  Now in fairness, my lips were quite dry at this point from all the swatching and removing of the previous lipsticks, so I'll be trying Opium Noir out again when they're in tip top shape.  I just wanted to give my honest experience with it when trying it for the first time.

All of these lip products are available from the Charlotte Tilbury website and if I see them on the Brown Thomas site, I'll let you know.

Which is your favourite shade?  Let me know in the comments!

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