Friday, March 2, 2018

L'Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub review!

I'm pretty good at using hand creams and when L'Occitane sent me (Mam) the Intensive Hand Balm last year, I (Mam) have been using it regularly.  Ok, she took ownership of it and keeps it on the arm of the couch so in the evenings when she's watching her programmes, she can slather it on.  They sent me (just me) another one a few weeks ago and I've been slathering like a good thing.

I don't really wear gloves in the cold weather.  I know.  I forget to put them on while I'm legging it out the door and it's only when I get to the train and have to hold on to the poles that I realise gloves would've been a good idea.  So most days in the freezing weather, my scaldy hands are hidden by the sleeves of my jacket.  And that's why for the past few weeks, I've been making a conscious effort to look after them properly, amping up the hand care big time with these two products.

Now, of all the beauty products I've tried over the years, I've never tried a hand scrub.  The L'Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub has 10% shea butter, apricot oil to help soften the skin and is infused with crushed husks from shea nuts.  It's got the balance of creaminess and scrubbiness and when I apply it to dry hands, I take a minute or two to really work it into my skin and at this point it usually feels really dry.  After the little hand massage I give myself, I loosen up the product with a bit of water and scrub my hands a bit more before rinsing them off and towel drying them.  It's at that point where I usually take a second to comment to myself like a weirdo, just how soft my hands are.  And then I lash on some of the Intensive Hand Balm and sit like the Queen of Sheba while it dries in.  That usually takes a couple of minutes and my hands are left feeling soft, nourished and smelling gorgeous.

Now, both of these can be left on a bit longer as a mask, so if you're feeling like a proper pamper session is in order, leave the One Minute Hand Scrub on for 3 minutes and then exfoliate your hands. The Intensive Hand Balm can be applied in a thick layer for 10 minutes before massaging in the excess.  That sounds like the perfect excuse to relax and not be able to do anything due to all the things on the hands!

L'Occitane's One Minute Hand Scrub is €19 and the Shea Intensive Hand Balm is €26.  I think this is a pretty good gift idea for Mother's Day!  


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