Thursday, March 15, 2018

Penneys PS... Nudes 28 shade eyeshadow palette review & two looks!

Last month Penneys launched their Nude collection and I'm not going to lie, the collection was made for Instagram in all its pinky goodness, and I've finally gotten to play with some of the bits!  Now I got my hands on some of the products after the EPIC event and I'm lucky because every time I've gone into Penneys, the majority of the collection has been sold out.  The piece that spoke to me as only a makeup product can to a makeup lover, was the Nudes 28 shade eyeshadow palette, priced at a tres reasonable €10.

With a mix of warm and cool tones, mattes, satins and shimmers, it has a really good selection of shades for such a massive palette.  Like with most palettes I use, I tend to favour certain shades, generally the warm mattes and shimmers, and the richer more jewel tones, so those are the shadows I've been testing out.  I haven't had use for the lighter shades yet, but I'm going to go outside of my comfort zone and see what I can create with it.

I haven't done an aul step by step tutorial in a while so thought I'd show you the palette in action so you could see what kind of looks you can do yourself.  As I always say, I'm no makeup artist and just do things my way, creating easy wearable looks but by all means go wild with your shadows!

I didn't use a primer with these just so I could see how they applied directly to the skin and how they blended.  There was a bit of fall out when I dabbed my blending brushes into the mattes, but nothing too messy.  I've had way more expensive palettes kick up more of a storm.  Speaking of the mattes, I was honestly so impressed with them.  The shades I tried had no patchiness, blended easily and had great colour payoff.  With the shimmers, I found that the best way to apply them was with my finger.  With brushes, the pigment didn't apply as opaquely as I'd like and while it looked like my brush had a load of product on it, it didn't transfer to my lids.  But if I dampened the brush, that definitely helped.  For handiness though, a finger did the job perfectly.  It's the same with the gold shade in my Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette.  Fingers all the way!

I did two looks, a warm neutral and a bit of a smokey eye, both took minutes and I love how they turned out!  For the neutral look, I remembered to take photos of which shadows I used.  For the smokey look, I totally forget.  I got caught up in it all! Let's have a look shall we?

For the smokey look, I was dying to play with the bronze shimmer shade in the middle of the bottom row, but when I applied it, I just wanted a bit more oomph and I took a notion to apply the shimmery burgundy shade on top of it.  I just love how green my eyes look when I wear shades like that.  Again, I used my finger to apply it for an even layer.

For a tenner, this is a pretty nifty eyeshadow palette and I'm looking forward to seeing if I manage to create any other looks with it apart from these two.  What can I say, I'm not that creative and like to stick to what I know and what I can do!

The Nudes collection is in Penneys now and if you see this palette and like the look of it, then pick it up because I keep seeing posts from people online saying they can't find it.  I'm going to try out the other bits from the Nudes collection and shall report back tout suite!  Have you tried anything from the Nudes range?  What should I try next?

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