Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review! Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection!

When is a brush almost too beautiful to use?  When it's one of the Real Techniques Brush Crush brushes!  These are very possibly the most gorgeous brushes ever to come through my door and while they're totally Instagrammable, sometimes products can be all glam and no action am I right?  So how did these fare?  Let me fill you in!

There are five brushes in the Brush Crush collecsh (that totally rolls off the tongue doesn't it?), each fluffier and more glittery than the last.  These are me in brush form... Birra gold to go with the pink and purple... Not able!

Right, lets look at them in detail shall we?  In the photo below, I'm going to work from left to right, starting with the Brush Crush Foundation Brush.  I love a really big brush to buff my foundation in and this one is stellar.  It's got tonnes of bristles, is densely packed at the base but there's lots of movement at the top of the brush, allowing the bristles to work the product into my skin quickly and evenly.  I've been reaching for this over my regular round topped kabuki brush and it was my instant favourite of the five.

Second from the left is the Brush Crush Powder Brush which is beautifully soft, has lots of movement in it and makes applying powder a doddle.  I find it both applies and blends in my bronzer quickly and I think that's a common theme with me and brushes.  Do the job well and do it quickly ok bye!

The middle brush is the Brush Crush Blush Brush (I can't even type that without getting tongue tied) and this was the surprise of the bunch for me.  I usually love a bigger blush brush, but this applies the product perfectly to my cheeks without feeling like I have to work at it more because it's a smaller brush.  I feel like Karima McKimmie when I use this and so far, I've not reached for my aul regular blush brushes.  I love it!

Next on the list is the Brush Crush Contour Brush and this is brilliant for carving out those cheekbones.  I have slight cheekbones myself, sometimes they just need a little encouragement to show themselves and that's where this comes in.  The bristles allow me to place the contour product where I want it and also allow me to buff it in too.  I can be precise with it and also diffuse the product out evenly.  This saves time and effort and that's what I need first thing in the morning - cheekbones and to leave the house on time thanks very much.

The final brush is the Brush Crush Fan Brush.  If you're someone who can go overboard with the highlight, then this might be a good addition to your collection because it doesn't pick up too much product at all.  If you're someone who likes a load of highlight, you'll want to give this a miss for the same reason.  I haven't been reaching for this one much at all and I've actually been using the blush brush for highlight over this.

And there we have it - the Blush Blush Blush Blush collection!  Ok that's what I call the collection in my mind because I keep getting tongue tied but it's a beautiful collection and with the exception of the fan brush, I've been using them solidly for the last few weeks.  It's the type of collection I'd like two of everything, one set for looking pretty on my desk and one set to use and get grubby!  Speaking of which, they've all washed well and I know I'm only a few weeks into using them but I've had no issues with losing bristles so far.

The Brush Crush collection is limited edition so if you see them and like the sound of them, pick 'em up.  I just had a google and so far I can see them on the Sam McCauley's website, four of them are on the McCabes website.  Happy shopping!

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