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Things you should know about Jennifer Rock AKA The Skin Nerd

One of my favourite things about my whole blogging journey is the people I meet and I've met some truly amazing and inspirational women over the years.  I've learned so much from them and always feel empowered and motivated after having the chats.  So I thought I'd try something a bit different here on the blog and introduce you to some deadly bridies in my life.

I wanted to kick off this series with my friend Jennifer Rock.  Or Jen Rock.  Or J Rock as I like to call her.  Or The Skin Nerd.  She has a lorra lorra names and will answer to any and all.   Now, as I'm doing this introduction after writing the piece below, I'm going to warn you now.  It's gushy.  Not on purpose.  I just wrote what came into my head but there's gushing.  I'm changing the name of the blog to Lovely Gushy Bits.  Oh wait no.  That sounds weird.  And rude.  Ok bye.

This is Jen.  You mightn't recognise her without her onesie and trademark glasses but it's her.  Promise.  She's posing on our good side.  We have the same good side hence why we never take selfies when we're together!

Things you should know about Jen.

She is everywhere.
In the past year or so, every single actual physical time I apply a product on the back of my hand and rub it in, I smell it.  And as my hand gets closer to my nose for the smelling of the stuff, Jen teleports from wherever she is and appears beside me.  She knows I'm smelling the product.  She actually knows and says to me in my earholes "Karen, smells don't change cells" and I know Jen, I know.  And yet I cannot stop the smell of the things.  It's instinct!  And while I now know about the smells and the cells, the smells sometimes encourage me to use a product as it feels like a bit of a treat.  But it's ingrained in my head Jen.  When I write about a product and say it smells lovely, you appear as a hologram and smack me upside the head.

She wants us to feed the skin from within.
Now this is something I struggle with as de temps en temps (I'm feeling French a ce moment), my skin likes to be fed with chocolate and BBQ Hoola Hoops.  What can I say, the skin wants what the skin wants and sometimes a Wispa will only do.  But when I eat well and drink my water (I'm so bad at this right now lads, not gonna lie), I really do see and feel the difference in my skin.  She gave me skin supplements to try out and so I'm getting my act together and I'm going to properly feed the skin from within.

She's gotten me spritzing.
Spritz o'clock is a proper thing now thanks to Jen and while I thought I was only great doing my morning and afternoon routine, little did I know that all day spritzing can help give my skin a little extra somethin' somethin'.  I have a few on the go and love giving myself a spritz (or a soak, depending on how scaldy my skin is) and it gives me an excuse to step away from the computer screen for a bit.  I did a post on the ones I'm loving right now but am always on the hunt for new ones, so let me know what I should try next.

She has no notions.  Not even one.
I just love people who are self deprecating and don't have notions 11 and many a night, Jen and I will chat about which one of us is the biggest dirty looking eejit and I think we're on pretty level pegging right now.  Despite her life changing dramatically from being on her tobler a year ago and now she has a full team working with her and is a boss, she doesn't take it for granted and is always trying to make things better.  Better for the team, better for the clients, better for those who follow her online.  I don't know, it's just really refreshing to meet someone who eats, sleeps and properly breathes what she does, has laser focus and is just a deadly human hooman.

She knows her shit.
Sometimes when I'm watching her snaps or Instastories, I feel like I need to do a FAS course on life because her knowledge is incredible.  Her brain is like a sponge while mine is just spongey.  But what inspires me about her is that she has this need and want to learn all the time.  I always feel so lazy just reading a press release and have been trying to learn more about the things and the stuff, which leads me on to my final point...

She's writing a book!
Precisely seven months ago (I remember this because it was the night Matthew was born) Jen and I went for dinner for proper chats visage a visage and while the chatting and the eating (and the spilling of the food) was happening, I asked her when she was going to write a book.  See, while I do not have my shit together, I love thinking of things that others can do, but she was ahead of me and said it was in the works.  FYI Jen if you're reading this, I have more plans for you, not that you need any guidance or anything but as I am older and wiser, you have to listen to me.  You can preorder her book here and I've gotten mine in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Skin Nerd Who Isn't Allowed To Talk About Smells Ok Bye.

She's got whopper things in the pipeline and the best part is, she's taking us along for the ride!

Ok, the gushing is over.  I have no gush left in me.  All I have left to say is that if you want a personalised online skin consultation with Jen and her Nerdettes, go to her website and your scaldy face will thank you later.  And then it can thank me for telling you to go there.


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