Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Urban Decay Double Team Mascara Deep End, Vice, Dime/Goldmine review, photos!

In the summer, I LOVE wearing colour on my eyes, but as a bridie of a certain age, I have to limit myself or else I'll look demented.  I can't get away with a block of colour on the lids... Ok, maybe I could, but I don't have the confidence, but what I absolutely love doing during the sunnier months is to have a bit of craic with coloured liner and mascaras, especially on the lower lashes.  There's nothing like a neutral eye, or a bronze one teamed up with a pop of colour on the lower lashes!

Urban Decay have launched their Double Team Mascaras (which can be used on the brows too, but I can tell you now, I really don't think I can pull off turquoise brows!). I think these would be brilliant for festivals (again, I am too old for them) or if you like wearing colour when you're on holidays (I am not too old for holidays), then they're definitely worth checking out!

I was sent three of them to play with and I know I'll be reaching for them over the next few months.  I've tried coloured mascaras over the years that haven't impressed me with the colour pay off but these are amazing!  They're intense, are not for the faint hearted and are perfect for this time of the year!  When playing with them, I tried them with and without a base coat of black mascara underneath and there wasn't much difference.  I just did it to see what the story was.

Look at the colours!!

Deep End is my favourite as I'm partial to all things turquoise, teal and bright when it comes to mascaras!  The metallic and cream ends are equally as impressive as each other and I can't pick a favourite side.  I think this is the mascara I'll get the most use out of, followed closely by the next one.  In the photos below, I applied Deep End over black mascara, just for a bit more oomph.  Can you cope?  The answer is no.

If you have green eyes, you're going to love Vice with it's purple hues that make my eyes pop!  With this mascara, the metallic end isn't as glittery as the teal above, but maybe it would be if I applied it over black mascara.  I applied this mascara over bare bottom lashes to see how it looked.  The cream end (the bottom photo) is one of the most beautiful purples I've ever used and I'm obsessed.  Any other purple mascaras I've tried over the years have been too dark and I love how bright these two shades are.  I mean if you're going to go for colour, you might as well really go for it!

Dime/Goldmine is for the magpies among us with it's silver end and bright yellow gold on the other end.  I absolutely love these and while I lashed (har har!) them on over black mascara, I think a more subtle look could be achieved.  Imagine them just on the tips of the upper lashes... Yeah I'll have to play with them some more and also, wouldn't these be gorgeous for Christmas?!  Again, this is them applied over black mascara for a killer look and yes, this one is for the glitter lovers of us...

There's a pink version (Junkshow) in the collection too, and a blue version that has my name all over it (Gonzo).  I love blue on the eyes... So it shall be mine I think, for the blog and all don't ya know!

They're out now and at €23.50, they're pretty reasonably priced, considering you technically get two mascaras in one!  Which one is your favourite?


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