Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Foamie! The 2 - in - 1 shower sponge!

I love getting to play with products I've never seen or heard of before!  And last week, Foamie sent me their new 2 - in - 1 shower sponges and I was fierce intrigued altogether.

The concept is that inside of the sponge is a solid cream cleanser that foams up when the sponge is soaked with water and you give it an aul squeeze.  Maybe a few aul squeezes.  And according to the press release, it promises to indulge the mind, body and soul.  I've only used one of them so far and thanks to the deadly little scratch and sniff sticker on the front of the package and I knew that I'd love the Aloe Spa one because I love anything clean smelling and fresh in the summer.  It's a gorgeous scent and really is spa like, and so far, I think it's indulged my mind and body, I'm still working on the soul.

It's been a while since I've used a sponge in the shower, having been converted to a shower puff years ago, and maybe I've just gotten delicate in my old age, but I thought the sponge was a bit scratchy on my skin.  Nothing major, I just felt like I couldn't give myself a proper scrub with it unless I'd foamed it up a lorra lot.  But the scent is gorgeous, the foam doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight and I'm enjoying using it.

Foamie say that they're perfect for on the go, holidays and the gym and I'd agree with maybe two of those suggestions.  See, the Foamies really do foam a lot, and I've had my issues trying to rinse it out, because when I try to squeeze out any excess water, it starts to foam again!  So if you were going to the gym, or were only staying somewhere for the night, I think you'd have to bring a plastic bag with you to keep it in.  Otherwise it'd be a wet foamy mess.  If you've somewhere to hang it and let it dry that way, you're grand.  And I think it's a deadly one for holidays because it saves you from having to bring shower gel, you can pack it in your carry on and providing you pick a scent you like, you're sorted!

Foamie come in four fragrances, Beauty Fruity (I'm not a fan of sweet smelling shower products so Joanne, you can have this!), Mocca Peel (I'm not sure I want to smell like coffee, I prefer pouring it in my face) and Men (this smells GORGEOUS! Well the scratch and sniff bit does).  The Foamie family are free from parabens, silicones, colourings, sulfates and mineral oils, are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

They're €10 each and are available in Sam McCauley Chemists, McCabes Pharmacy, Shaws Department Stores, Mulligans Pharmacy, Molloys Pharmacy and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Do these tickle your pickle?


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