Thursday, July 5, 2018

New! L'Occitane Verbena Limited Edition Collections

L'Occitane is tres famous for their Verbena collection and all its lemony goodness.  It's been a go to range in the summer when you are sweating so hard that you're wondering if you're shrivelling up on a daily basis, when you wonder was it was like to not have your hair expanding before your very eyes with the humidity and you wonder how you're going to stay feeling fresh and cool on an hourly basis.

Well, L'Occitane have expanded the Verbena range and have three limited collections that will make us laugh in the face of this heatwave, that will make us forget that we are feeling sticky and clammy and that will give us a pep in our step every day!

I was sent one item from each of the three ranges and I've been putting them through their paces over the last couple of weeks.

First up, the Mint Verbena Shower Gel (€18.50).  This is one of those gels for a morning shower.  The one that will revitalise you and wake you up after the 4.5 minutes of sleep you got because you were melting all night.  Not a pick of breeze to be had.  I absolutely love this and it gets me going for the day until I get to coffee time, where my caramel macchiato tag teams it and keeps me going.  There's a Mint Verbena EDT and a Body Ice Gel too to make up the rest of the range.

Next up we have the Icy Verbena Body Gel (€26).  This bubbly blue gel is infused with menthol, giving your body a wallop of coolness and if you want to freeze the diddies off yourself (well we've been sweating the diddies off ourselves so fair is fair), keep this in the fridge and see what it feels like to be cold again!  There's an Icy Body Shower Gel in this collection too.  This smells like lemon sherbet to me and I ain't mad at that.

Finally we have the Citrus Verbena Moisturising Body Foam (€24) which I'm obsessed with!  It comes out like a shaving foam which I totally enjoy altogether, and is a mix of the two scents above.  It has the cooling effect of menthol and the zestiness of the citrus, and again, it's one for the morning, or if you've come home from work where you sweated on the walk to the train, you sweated on the train because who needs carriages with windows that open or air con, and then sweated on the walk from the train to the house and you need to get out of your clothes, into a cool shower and feel refreshed again.

And that's what this range is all about and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Yes, I would like a teeny bit of rain and yes, a grand thunderstorm would break the humidity, but until that happens, I have my Verbena bits to keep me going!

There's a Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars and a Hair and Body Mist in the range too if you wanted to round it out and smell ridey from head to toe.

The new ranges are out in stores and online today, so go forth and treat your sweaty self while the heatwave lasts!  Will you be trying anything from the range?


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